Jun. 26th, 2017 04:59 pm
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Jun. 20th, 2017 08:29 am
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i dreamed i was dangerous like kaede-chan and people were wary of me but somebody was in trouble and i had to save them!! but first i had to investigate and interrogate and make absolutely sure they'd actually been kidnapped
i can't remember if i was like kaede or if i was kaede but anyway i was kneeling in this big not-quite-empty building that reminded me of the inside of the karaya huts from suiko3 only bigger
not-quite-empty because all the stuff was pushed over to the walls
anyway so i was kneeling in the center of the room, lit by a ray of cold sunlight (there was no other illumination i think), and across from me knelt a plain-looking man in a grocer's apron who told me all he knew
i listened with a serious look on my face, then when he was done i went outside to see the ground white with snow
the building wasn't karaya on the outside, it looked more chishan...anyway so i turned to look at what appeared to be the path to goron mountain in ocarina of time (only snowy), and started heading that way because that's where the enemy was
i went into the enemy hideout, which was a series of interconnecting tunnels dug deep into the ground, and snuck quietly through the near pitch-black paths (only the rooms were occasionally lit with a lantern, the tunnels had no light)
at some point i think i found a picture? only it was either incredibly badly drawn or done in the style of one of those really incredibly old video games where all the characters are stick figures
one of the characters appeared to have a really big butt? it was the villain! look at him squirming suspiciously in this picture!
but now i had to sneak more carefully because the tunnels were populated but skinny bipedal wolves like in my previous wolfdream, only these ones looked more cartoony like the ones from the pleasant goat show
a wolf in a maroon beret passed by me hiding in the shadows and boredly asked me to stop messing around...i ran before grandpa wolf could come by with his beard and cane
somehow this turned into me chatting with one of the wolves (maybe still the beret wolf?) and talking about how i was gonna find this large butted bad guy!! only then i saw a better picture and it was actually a cute kid with a big square bag hanging from his/her waist
also a beret
beret wolf seriously acted like a bored teenager stuck with his/her annoying kid sister, like uh-huuuh suuuurreeee don't be a pain
then i sat down to thanksgiving dinner with the wolf family and the beret kid and maybe some others, and i ate lots of these tasty savory yellow potato balls and revealed a picture in the bottom of the big white porcelain baking pan
the kind of pan(?) you make thanksgiving sweet potatoes in!
i ate a whole square out of it and there was a picture of happy smiling people underneath
and then i woke up

Nowhere, Santa Clara | Yves Olade

Jun. 16th, 2017 07:06 pm
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I crawled out through the hotel window,
and lay slaughtered on the roof, thinking:

Nothing is beautiful here: even the thousand
suns struggle to provoke a light of healing
rather than scorching. I felt the gold cut
through me and cauterise the wound. half-
finished and aching, I was a dangerous thing
—an injured animal still hunting. Birds
flinched from my hands and flowers
withered into kindling. My own blood
refused to run through my fingers. I was
incessant, perpetual—running barefoot
through the woods towards the creaking
heart of my body. Only rain came out to
greet me as it struck the undergrowth
with an open palm. I ran like a bush fire
was chasing. Salt settled into the ground
behind me, and the pulse of the earth
stuttered and was slowing.

Crossroad ver. 2

Jun. 14th, 2017 06:48 pm
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Jun. 12th, 2017 07:08 am
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[personal profile] sheepcounted
i dreamed that uncle#2(?) was a loser who sold his beloved shop(??) to an evil corporation which immediately took the entire two-story building and made the elevators absolutely useless for anything besides trapping people in them so they wouldn't take parking spots in the nearby lot
in the dream his wife (who didn't quite look like aunt#2 which is why i'm ???) was super incredibly against this so the evil corporation knocked her out or something and uncle felt regret but it was too late
i was also against it but again, too late! so i ran off into the crowd, tried a snack or two from nearby stands, ran into aunt and uncle#4, and immediately tried to get that uncle to go to the bookstore, which was so humongous it had unreachable books on shelves like 30 feet up or something just for decoration
other things happened too, like at one point everything was super dark smt and i was in a bar investigating the death(?) of a lady in a red dress
at another point i was with ezra doing nothing in particular and looking like c from clover if he was older but kept his ponytail and wore a pretty shiny red satin qipao (i think it was cosplay? only i didn't look like me, i was super beautiful) when somebody timidly knocked at the window asking if ran was there
apparently by "ran" they meant "mukuro" because ezra was mukuro now (i don't know why we were super master cosplayers but okay) so i told ezra and he went to answer and apparently they wanted to commission a cosplay
i can't remember anything else so i guess that's it


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