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The Search for Yamanbagiri's Strong Points
by Meiya Onogami

The atmosphere in the citadel had recently become quite glamorous. There had been another new addition to the sword spirits' number - one whose mere presence, according to rumor, added elegance to a place which had quickly gone past lively to be more aptly described as loud.
"It's wonderful, he takes a walk and the place becomes a painting come to life. He could only be the one spoken of as the most beautiful of the Tenka Goken."
Kasen Kanesada, who greatly valued elegance, quickly took up his writing brush. It seemed that seeing "him" walking slowly across the veranda, before a garden dyed red by the autumn morning light, had put him in a poetic mood.
"It looks like your reputation has grown again."
Hearing the passing compliment from Honebami Toushirou, who - perhaps due to the loss of his memories - rarely spoke to the other swords of his own volition, "he" calmly gave a humble reply.
"Why thank you, Honebami. Though I'm nowhere near as reputable as I was in the past."
After "his" smooth declaration, it was Gokotai's turn to timidly approach.
"Um, are you really, going to help with the horses...? You were out on the front lines all yesterday, plus d-doing this, with me...I should do it with Nii-san instead..."
"Oh my, do you dislike me, Gokotai? I like horses and tigers alike, so this is quite worrisome. The horses seem to like me as well."
"He" smiled gently, bending down to lightly pat little Gokotai's head. There was a moment's delay wherein Gokotai's large eyes blinked rapidly in confusion, before weakly waving his arms with a flustered noise as "he" disappeared into their master's room. Most likely to give the report for yesterday's excursion.
A famous sword whose name is known nationwide. Even when taking a human form through the power of the saniwa who is their master, "his" attractive figure and excellent skills in battle do not betray expectations. Add to that a willingness to do menial chores, and an acceptance of all others without discrimination. Even that slightly stupid way of speaking simply gave the impression he was attempting not to be too perfect.
"...That's the composure of the blessed, for you."
How long had he been confined in the repair room? Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, finally finished with his repairs, stared at "his" - Mikazuki Munechika's retreating back, through a small crack in the sliding screen.
Compared to Yamanbagiri, who - unlike Kasen - held no interest in elegance, Mikazuki and his fluttering black hair were like a painted scroll. He'd heard that yesterday had been quite an intense battle, and yet he could sense neither the scent of blood nor any hint of tiredness.
Not that beauty mattered. To Yamanbagiri, who opposed being called "pretty" and hid his pale and effeminate figure under a cloth, it was Mikazuki's abilities rather than appearance that got on his nerves. Most particularly, his skillfulness in the martial arts.
He was used to getting compared to others. After all, he'd been created as a duplicate from the start.
Not to mention the other was one of the Tenka Goken, a famous blade that shone above all the rest. To be jealous of such a man was simply pointless.
"Everyone's glad he finally came here, too..."
And yet he couldn't shake the thought that it was he who had supported this citadel from the very beginning.
"Hey, is it okay for you to be up?"
He spun around in surprise at the sudden voice, and saw that his brother blade Yamabushi Kunihiro was approaching with a pail in hand.
Just as his name implied, the man with the cloth diadem looked much like a mountaineering ascetic. His honest and refreshing personality was quite a difference from the gloomy Yamanbagiri, but their sibling relationship was actually quite good.
"I'm fine, brother. More importantly, when am I going back to the front lines?"
Yamabushi, frowning, started to wring out a wet towel from the pail.
"...Yamanbagiri, I understand your need to hurry, but you must first think of healing your body. While you may not be seriously injured, you still have deep wounds."
"You're the one always talking about discipline and training, what makes you mention this now..."
Yamabushi was unmoved by the negative answer, simply replying with "That's for when you are in peak physical condition," in a kind tone of voice.
"My body is fine, do I look injured to you?"
"You do not. But that's precisely why, the root of the problem is deep. My brother is a wise man. The truth is, you understand, don't you?"
Unable to defy that calm, perceptive gaze, Yamanbagiri turned his own gaze to the tatami under his feet. Stop making fun of me, acting like a real yamabushi with your Zen questions and everything. After several seconds of hesitation, he gave in and opened his mouth.
"...Please, just get me out of here."
He spoke with a weak voice, clinging to the white cloth that hid his detestable figure as if it were a lifeline.
"If I don't get out of here...I'll lose myself."

Yamanbagiri Kunihiro was the first sword spirit to appear in the citadel. And now, Mikazuki Munechika was the newest spirit to appear.
It went without saying that Mikazuki had unparalleled skill, and was recognized as valuable even without showing it. Of course Yamanbagiri had been glad when they'd welcomed him. He'd even lent a hand to the man as he grew used to his new human form, having gone through the same troubles when he'd started.
So how had it come to this? Mikazuki had now completely adapted to his surroundings, had many successful departures to the front lines, and sometimes even led everyone as their commanding officer. He often received MPV status, and was noticeably improving his skills.
In comparison, Yamanbagiri had gotten injured due to his own impatience, and had been ordered to stay in the repair room despite his status as a full-time secretary.
He knew there wasn't any ill will. He knew the order to rest was made out of affection.
And yet he couldn't help noticing, following every little sign as Mikazuki became the center of attention in the citadel.
Even though just following it was like being stabbed by an invisible blade.
Deep down, he'd thought he didn't deserve such a high position as the saniwa's secretary. With so many famous sword spirits manifesting in the citadel, he'd always expected to be relieved of his position sooner or later, since he was just a copy.
He'd protected his pride by staying on guard for that, and yet he'd slipped from his position in the worst way possible - through his own mistakes. His spirit was gradually slipping down, farther and farther towards a place where no light shines. He understand this, and yet he couldn't stop it.
Yamanbagiri couldn't very well get attached to his position, with the belief that Mikazuki would replace him as secretary one day, could he?
―――He was going to be discarded, wasn't he?
Yamabushi, sensing the pain his brother blade held, let out a heavy sigh.
"I understand. What you need isn't healing for your physical body, but repairs for something deeper."

"And that's why I've come here, Yamanbagiri!!"
The sliding screens slid open with a bang, and Yamanbagiri's eyes grew wide upon seeing the figure who had appeared.
His unintentional confession of his thoughts to Yamabushi had happened the day before. Having still not gained permission to leave the repair room today, and having covered himself with a futon on top of his usual cloth, he hadn't expected visitors at all. Yamabushi's being here was no different from yesterday - the surprise was the smaller shadow beside him.
"Y-Yagen? Why are you..."
"I heard the story. You're all holed up for a variety of reasons, right? Well you can leave it to me to help you out, brother."
The small figure overflowing with chivalry, Yagen Toushirou, bravely puffed out his chest.
"I'm not your brother though..."
"Don't be so reserved! We're comrades in the same citadel we eat out of the same pot. Everybody here's kinda like brothers, right? Which means we'll help each other out when there's trouble."
Yagen smoothly dodged the confused Yamanbagiri's comment, smiling brightly as he did.
"I've thought of the perfect method to fix you up. I've got the boss's permission, too. Come on, let's go."
"...I'll obey, if it's an order."
Though he didn't want to go along with this, he had no choice if it was an order from his master. For someone who'd cared for him, and who had yet to throw him away, he'd have submitted to even the wildest proposal. As Yamanbagiri reluctantly got up, he let out a complaint as a final token resistance.
"But, if we're talking about my brothers, shouldn't Horikawa be coming?"
"Kakakakaka, with all that 'Kane-san, Kane-san' he does, he wouldn't be much help here."
At that eloquent declaration, Yagen grabbed Yamabushi by the nape of his neck, dragging him over to the wall. "What'll we do if you step on a land mine!" "S-sorry, it was my mistake." They returned with innocent looks after that quick exchange."
"Anyway, don't worry about the details, Yamanbagiri! Come on, follow me!"
"...Him talking about Kane-san all the time is normal, it doesn't bother me..."
Yamanbagiri let out a sigh, but after having been in the repair room for some days, he couldn't help a sense of pleasure in leaving it. Holding back from feeling any more than that, he quietly followed Yagen out of the room.

Several minutes after leaving the repair room. Walking down the corridor facing the garden, a golden brilliance filled the party's vision.
"If it isn't Yamanbagiri. Are you well enough to be out?"
The moment Hachisuka Kotetsu approached, long hair fluttering in the breeze, Yagen suddenly grabbed Yamanbagiri and Yamabushi's arms and pulled them in a different direction.
Yamanbagiri was confused, and Hachisuka looked surprised as well - but Yagen simply smiled and waved a hand to end the conversation.
"Sorry, Hachisuka. Yamanbagiri might be out and about, but he's actually in the middle of a special kind of repairs right now, and visitors are restricted. So yeah, gotta go!"
Yamanbagiri was just as lost as Hachisuka, who was gaping uncomprehendingly at them. He quietly raised a question to Yagen.
"Hey, what do you mean, visitors are restricted!"
I never heard anything about this, he wanted to add, but Yagen looked unaffected.
"I'm taking you around to repair you, right? That's why I'm not accepting Hachisuka now. We need somebody who'll be nicer, more tactful...oh, perfect timing! Ooii, Ichi-nii!"
Having avoided Hachisuka, who posed the danger of potentially uttering words like "fake," Yagen called out to Ichigo Hitofuri, who was working on some sort of list as he walked.
With his calm and refreshing appearance, he was dressed in his favored original flashy outfit. As he was currently serving as secretary in Yamanbagiri's place, perhaps he was reviewing the next battle's formations.
"Oh, Yagen, what is it? And Yamanbagiri-dono, too...I'm glad, you seem to be in good health."
Seeing Ichigo's smile, Yamanbagiri bowed his head with a quiet "...Yeah." The list the other man was carrying was one he'd used many times himself, in his position as secretary - a thought which forced him to look anywhere but there.
"That is certainly a relief. If you have returned, then I suppose that also means I'll finally be dismissed from my position."
Was he considering Yamanbagiri's feelings? He turned his gaze away from Ichigo, who'd so casually emphasized his status as a substitute.
"Rather than dismissed...isn't this more like an opportunity? You're calm and helpful and famous, you'd be much better suited than me for the job..."
"Not at all. Rather, being burdened with such a responsible position, I've gained respect for your ability to juggle both this and fighting on the front lines. Brothers I am familiar with are one thing, but standing in the center of so many different individuals requires quite a lot of effort."
Ichigo, unexpectedly letting out a deep-throated laugh, was a prized sword spirit whose ability was on par with Mikazuki's. And yet, those words somehow felt familiar to Yamanbagiri's unresisting ears. Maybe there was a resemblance to Yamabushi in his overflowing brotherly tolerance.
"Please return soon, it would put me at ease. I'll be waiting for you."
Embarrassed by the man's straightforward speech, Yamanbagiri pulled his hood down to cover his face. Ichigo didn't press him on it, simply leaving with a quiet smile.
"That's Ichi-nii for you, I didn't even have to say anything and he said exactly what Yamanbagiri needed to hear."
"Yes, yes."
Glad that things had gotten off to a good start, Yagen and Yamabushi began walking with a purposeful stride.
"Let's go to our next target, Yamanbagiri. I'm pretty sure Shokudaikiri should be in the citadel today."
Unaffected by Yamanbagiri's confusion at the enigmatic name-calling, Yamabushi let out a hearty laugh.
"Yes, his natural conman's airs are exactly what my brother needs right now!!"
"Hey, wai--don't tell me we're going just to get him to praise me!?"
Despite having finally realized what the pair's intentions were, Yamanbagiri's struggles came too late. Yamabushi brazen answer confirmed his suspicions.
"Our chance meeting with Ichigo has already confirmed the efficacy of this method. I am thankful to you for your assistance, Yagen, but I cannot help but wish to heal my brother with my own hands!!"
Leaving behind even the shrugging Yagen, Yamabushi approached the door to Shokudaikiri's room.
"Shokudaikiri, are you there? Pardon the intrusion!!"
So saying, he threw open the sliding screen with a loud bang, but--there was no-one in the room.
As Yamabushi stared blankly at the empty space to which he'd let out that grand yell, the group could hear a distance voice shouting "I want to do things with style!"
"I see, so he's sparring. Alright, let's go, brother!!"
Changing course with lightning speed, he grabbed hold of Yamanbagiri's wrist as he went.
"H-hey, wait a minute!"
"That's right Yamabushi, wait a minute! If he's sparring, that means...!"
Though Yagen was also beginning to Panic, Yamabushi did not change course. He grabbed Yagen's hand as well, while the tantou was trying to rein him in, dragged them both towards the training hall.
Letting out a great yell as if to challenge those in the hall, he came in to be faced with Shokudaikiri Mitsutada's very surprised face.
"O-oh...Yamabushi-kun and Yagen-kun? That's a rare combination."
At a glance, Shokudaikiri looked to be a handsome man, well-dressed in modern day clothing, with an eye patch making him closely resemble his former master. In fact, his manner and speaking habits were gentle, and so he was surprisingly easy to get along with. Even facing strange intruders, a smile soon appeared on his face.
"Hm, we're all here. Perfect!"
Contrary to Yamabushi's satisfied appearance, Yagen looked like he wanted to say something along the lines of "I knew it." But Shokudaikiri, upon noticing Yamanbagiri behind the two, called out to him on his own.
"What's this? So Yamanbagiri-kun's here too! It's been a while hasn't it, mmhmm, I'm glad, it looks like you're not injured anymore. You're as cool as ever."
"...Don't say things you don't mean."
Yamanbagiri waved off his hand as he tried to check his physical condition. For a moment it was as if sparks had flown in the room, but Shokudaikiri simply returned a troubled smile.
"How cold, you know I put a lot of hard work into being cool. I'd only say this if I meant it from the bottom of my heart."
So saying, he shone a brilliant, sun-like smile at Yamanbagiri, who kept his eyes cast downward.
"You're always so obstinate but hard-working. Definitely a cool guy, inside and out."
There were no lies to be found in that unaffected praise. Yamanbagiri understood that much, but the best reaction he could manage was to tightly grip the edge of his hood and sniff at the words. Still, Shokudaikiri smiled at his answer, saying "I'm glad it got through."
"If your body is healed, why don't we go out to the front lines together sometime? Oh, but maybe I should be asking for a spar with you first."
"...Either one...I'm not the one deciding."
"I know that. I just wanted to let you know that's what I thought."
"...I got it."
With that quiet retort, Yamanbagiri's defensiveness also lost some of its edge. Watching as the atmosphere in the room gradually became peaceful, Yamabushi let himself relax a bit.
"Kakakakaka, it's just as Yagen foretold, you fulfilled the role we had anticipated of you!"
"...Well, all's well that ends well, as they say."
The look on Yagen's face was one of relief, but the remark that reached their ears was not a peaceful one at all.
"Hmph, it doesn't matter to me if anyone's coming back or not."
That calm atmosphere they'd finally attained froze up in an instant.
The speaker was Ookurikara, who'd been quietly watching the scene since they'd first interrupted his and Shokudaikiri's match. Golden eyes glittered with a cold light in contrast to his dark skin. A curt, quiet man who disliked crowds, unlike Shokudaikiri, his personality didn't betray his appearance.
Yagen grimaced. If Shokudaikiri had been in the middle of sparring, then of course there would have been someone else in here; despite knowing this, he'd been too late to address it.
"Oh, sorry for ignoring you. You shouldn't say such things, though."
Shokudaikiri, standing in a protective manner over the once-again-incredibly-stiff Yamanbagiri, frowned awkwardly. Ookurikara irritably turned his face away, spitting out an indifferent reply.
"Don't get me wrong. Nobody said I didn't want him to come back...whoa, what're you doing Mitsutada, what's that reaction for!?"
Shokudaikiri, his face lit up with joy, closed the gap between them with such suddenness that Ookurikara leaned backwards with wide-eyed surprised.
"...I'm not saying, I don't want to come back."
Unconsciously holding back the growing prickle of warmth in his chest, Yamanbagiri quickly left the room, a gently smiling Yagen and Yamabushi trailing out behind him.

Heading onwards, the three found themselves coming out into the courtyard. Bright fall colors shone vividly under the gradually darkening sky. The cool air against their faces felt refreshing in the autumn heat.
Walking through that elegant scene, Yamanbagiri's brisk gait naturally began to lose speed. As he slowed to a more relaxed pace, looking at the scenery around him, the thorny attitude he'd been emanating also faded away.
"Ookurikara's sure changed a lot, from when he first came here."
After a quiet moment of just enjoying their walk, nobody saying a word, Yagen was the one to quietly open his mouth.
"It's thanks to our boss and our secretary putting so much hard work into making this place comfortable. Right, Yamanbagiri?"
"...Hmph, that much is only natural. I may be a replica, but I'm still Kunihiro's first masterpiece..."
Though he didn't turn around as he said this, they could sense the change in Yamanbagiri's feelings. "That's right," Yamabushi cheerfully agreed. At this moment, he couldn't help thinking that the special repairs had been a success.
Gently falling autumn leaves entwined themselves in Yamanbagiri's pale bangs.
When he lifted a hand to shake them off, he caught sight of a striking blue and black beneath the brilliantly colored leaves.


"That man's" figure, with its radiant smile, suddenly filled his vision.
It seemed he was enjoying the scenery with sake and snacks. A blood-red carpet was spread out by the pond, and on it, sitting beside the man with "his" outspread navy blue sleeves, was an entirely white sword spirit flashing a friendly smile. If he stayed quiet, he might have seemed like a snow spirit visiting in the fall, but his mischievous smile had its charm as well.
"Yo, Yamanbagiri. I haven't seen you in a while, are you all better now? That's a nice surprise."
He unintentionally blurted out the playfully smiling Tsurumaru Kuninaga's name, when "he" decided to assert his own presence.
"I'm here as well, Yamanbagiri."
The air around Yamanbagiri suddenly grew tense. Sensing danger, Yagen and Yamabushi stood on guard, but Mikazuki Munechika leisurely continued to speak.
"It is splendid of you to remember. Feeling your gaze on me, yet never hearing your voice, I'd worried you might have forgotten."
It was a tone of voice that brooked no argument. For a moment his thoughts betrayed him, telling him to just meekly accept it, and he couldn't help wondering if maybe the other spirit had been purified once before.
Don't do it, do you want all of Yamabushi and Yagen's worrying to go to waste? Ichigo, Shokudaikiri and Ookurikara had nice words to say too, right? He calmly appealed to himself thus.
However, even if he tried to stop himself by looking back at the others' kindness, putting himself down had already become instinctual for Yamanbagiri after all the years he'd spent doing so. In the time he'd spent familiarizing himself with the citadel, it had quickly grown worse than before.
―――You really just want to laugh at me, for being unable to do more than watch your activities.
Unaware of Yamanbagiri's inner struggle, Mikazuki offered a full sake cup towards him.
"I will forgive you, however, since you allowed me to see your face. Would you like to down a celebratory cup with us? Of course, Yagen and Yamabushi are invited as well."
His every casual move was elegant. Extending an invitation in such a manner, most people would have felt like they were about to ascend to heaven.
People other than me, came a mutter from his throat.
I get it. He thinks that proud way of speaking will make it easier for me to accept his invitation. I understand, but because of that, I hate how calm he is.
"Do you know what I've been doing all day, today?"
He'd been all over the citadel, in search of some sort of soothing words for his dejected spirit. He didn't intend simply to say that his brothers had been dragging him around. Because at the end of the day, their efforts had paid off.
"You think I was doing something pointless, don't you? There's not a thing I could do that could compete with you...don't be so full of yourself, when you're just a newcomer...!!"
"Brother, hey, stop!!"
Seeing Yamanbagiri talking on like a cat with its fur all on end, Yamabushi let out a panicked cry.
"Whoa, what's this now, just out of repairs and you've already lost your cool? It's true life always needs a little excitement, but you've gotta think of the time and place. Right, Mikazuki?"
Though Tsurumaru always had a childlike attitude with his love of surprises, he'd sensed Yamanbagiri's alarming attitude and given a gentle warning. But placidly smiling Mikazuki, the most important figure in this scene, let out a very blunt reply.
"Really? That's not true at all, Tsurumaru. Isn't that right, Yamanbagiri?"
In a place where the heat of excitement was rising to a boil, his brushed by like a refreshing breeze.
"I could never manage to do what you do, abasing myself to let those around me shine greater."
The path by the pond suddenly fell deathly silent.
"...Oi, Mikazuki...this kind of surprise is a little much, even for me, y'know...?"
Even Tsurumaru's smile grew stiff at this, and he let out a groan at the sound of Yamanbagiri unsheathing his blade.
"Whoa, Yamanbagiri, bloodshed's forbidden in the citadel!!"
Yagen, his face grim, was too late to stop him. The flash of metal seemed to slice through the evening glow with its speed.
The sake cup fell to the ground, sliced evenly in half. The spilled sake glowed a slippery red, as if it had sucked in the color from the autumn evening around it. Yamanbagiri's hood slipped, his uncovered hair dyed that same color.
"Ha ha ha."
As Yamanbagiri stood there, panting for breath, he saw Mikazuki smiling the same as ever.
"Look now. The speed with which you move, and the skill you can show with your blade in a critical moment, are most definitely a cut above mine."
"...What, did you say?"
"Just now, I couldn't see your movements at all. If you had been aiming for me, there's no doubt I'd be heading for the repair room by now. You have my thanks for going easy on me."
Without a hint of timidity, Mikazuki sounded totally at leisure as he urged him with "Now, why don't you put that blade away?"
Unable to keep up with this rapid development, Yamanbagiri sheathed his blade without complaint, and fixed his hood again. Shaking a drop of sake from his hand, Mikazuki shamelessly began to apologize.
"Thank you for being angry with me. Before now, I don't think you've have believed a word that came out of my mouth, no matter how many good things I had to say about you. So forgive me for provoking you a little."
There was nothing else to say. There was the irritating thought that he'd played right into the palm of this man's hand, but that carefree attitude had washed away his gloomy feelings like a refreshing breeze across the pond.
"No need to apologize. I provoked you knowing that no matter how much blood you spilled in battle, you care too much for your companions to have hurt me."
"...You're turning into a cornerstone of the citadel right now, after all. Not even an idiot would cut down the main pillar of a house."
Seeing that the two had become close enough to make cracks about each other, those around them watched with relief in their eyes. It seemed that with this, the problem had been solved--
"Also, it's been a long time since anyone was jealous of me; it's quite a pleasant feeling."
Immediately, something black began to spread down in his stomach. Tsurumaru let out an "Oi" in a low voice, but Mikazuki stayed as calm as ever.
"This appearance, this ability and social status. most people never saw me as a rival, simply confirming my self-respect with their praise and worship."
It was self-flattery, but there had been nothing leading up to it. There was no pride in the way he said it, speaking as if it were only natural that he surpassed all others; Yamanbagiri and the others were speechless.
"Putting together what everyone has said thus far, I'd thought you came to that same decision long ago. But if you'd simply accepted that, then you wouldn't have jealous of me, now would you?"
Nobody would be jealous of someone they could never win against. It would be as painful as endlessly pouring water into a bucket full of holes. You knew that continuing would do nothing but exhaust your own emotional strength.
Looking at it from that perspective, Yamanbagiri did not think that Mikazuki was an unbeatable opponent.
"That's a good inclination. Much better than simply putting yourself down. I'd expect no less from the leading figure in this citadel."
Mikazuki's bright smile was as beautiful as ever. The hint of childishness in his face made it all the more attractive, a fact he surely understood. Yamanbagiri couldn't deny that his "beauty" had a strength of its own.
"For now, I will accept this as my loss. If it had been anyone else, I would not have minded losing, but...I am in your debt for doing so much for me, when I've only just arrived. As soon as I gain our master's permission, why don't we spar, and visit the front lines together?"
"...Is that how you're supposed to act towards someone you're indebted to?"
Though Yamanbagiri was calling him out, there was no longer any poison in his tone of voice. Mikazuki, acting as if nothing had happened, picked up a new sake cup, and--
"But first, let me pour you a cup as an apology."
"As long as it's just one cup..."
Yamanbagiri shrugged off the cheeky request, but sat down on the scarlet rug.
"How about you sit down too, Yagen and Yamabushi? Sake tastes better with more people around."
Yagen and Yamabushi nodded at Tsurumaru's urging, and each took a cup.

Half an hour later, Mikazuki pulled the cloth off Yamanbagiri's head with "If you're pouring for me, I'd like the more beautiful you to do it," causing Yamanbagiri to snap and make a scene - and so the elegant drinking bout continued.
The End

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