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Announcer: ———Base sequence verified: Human genome
———Spirit vessel attribute verified: Neutral Good
Welcome to the archives of humanity's future.
This is Chaldea, the Organization for the Preservation of Human Reason.
Fingerprint confirmation - vocal chord confirmation - genetic confirmation - clear.
Magic circuit measurement...complete.
Registered name confirmed.
You have been recognized as a member of the human race.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
You are the last entry of the day.
Please wait.
...I'm sorry.
It will be 180 seconds before entry procedures are complete.
Regulation: Senior.
Contracted servants: Saber - Lancer - Archer.
Score will not be recorded.
Please enjoy as you will.
Heroic Spirit summoning system - Fate - launching.
Enjoy the experience of being a Master, for the next 180 seconds.

Fou...? Kyuu...kyuu? Fou! Fuu, foou!

...It feels like something licked my cheek, just now...

..................Um. It's neither morning nor night right now, so please wake up, senpai.


It's hard to answer such a difficult question, when you ask me so suddenly. I am not one worthy of giving my name———something like that?

No, I have a name. I do have a name, I swear.

 But I don't often get a chance to say it...so I guess I'm saying it wouldn't be a very impressive introduction...

...Ahem. That aside, may I ask a question, senpai? It seems you were resting, but it's a little hard to understand why you were sleeping in the hall. Are you the type who can't sleep without a hard bed?

Was I sleeping here?

Yes, very soundly. So soundly I wanted to try balancing textbooks on you.

Fou! Kyuu, kyuuu!

 ...I almost forgot. You haven't been introduced yet, have you, Fou-san.

 This squirrel-like creature is Fou. He has special privilege to roam freely around Chaldea. It was Fou-san who led me to find you sleeping here, senpai.

 Fou. Nkyu, foou!

 ...And he's off somewhere again. He often goes on irregular walks like that.

...That's a strange animal.

 Yes. He won't let others approach besides me, but it seems he's taken an interest in you. Congratulations. This is the birth of the second of Fou's caretakers, here in Chaldea.

 Oh, there you are Matthew. You know you shouldn't move around without prior notification...oops, I see we have a guest. You are...ah, I see, you're one of the new recruits assigned to us today. I am Lev Raynor, one of the head engineers. And your name is...? Hm, Reine-kun, is it. You must be one of the last of the 48 talents we've convened. Welcome to Chaldea. It seems you were recruited from the general public; how much training have you had? One year? Half a year? Or perhaps as short as three months?

 Er, I haven't had any training.

 Oh? So in other words, you're a complete amateur? Aah...come to think of it, we did accept a few ordinary citizens to make up the numbers. So you're one of those, are you? I'm sorry. It was an inconsiderate question. But please, don't be disappointed just because you're ordinary. You're all needed for the mission this time. 38 people from prestigious magical families, 10 talented commoners...one way or another we've assembled 48 Master candidates. This is a joyous event. Because in this the year 2015, we've managed to gather all those talents capable of spirit diving here in Chaldea. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call either me or Matthew...oh? That reminds me, what were you two chatting about, Matthew? This is a rather unusual occurrence. Is she a previous acquaintance of yours?

No, this is our first meeting. I just happened to find her sleeping in this area.

 Sleeping...? Right here?

Oh, you went through a simulation during entry, didn't you? It can make you dizzy if you're not used to spirit dives.

 I'm assuming that after the simulation was over, you were let out of the gate and, without having fully woken up, walked over here. It's a form of somnambulance. Then Matthew just happened to be there to greet you where you'd fallen. It doesn't seem to be anything strange, though you never know. I'd like to escort you to the sickbay, but...sorry, you'll have to endure a bit longer. The chief's briefing is about to start. You should hurry over there too.

 The chief...?

 The chief is the chief. She's the person in charge of Chaldea, an commanding officer of special missions. I know you're a newcomer from the general public, but did you not see any of the pamphlets?

 It seems that way. The chief's profile isn't open to the public, after all. There is no common ground between senpai and the chief. With respect to the Animusphere name, they are a family of magi whose lineage dates back over a hundred years.

 That's right. Well, whether you know the chief or not isn't really a problem, seeing as it has no effect on your job as a Master. But it's not good to get targeted for trivial matters. If you want a peaceful workplace from here on, I'd advise you to hurry. The briefing will start in five minutes, in the central control room. It will be quite a performance for you new age kids.

 Professor Lev. May I be permitted to attend the briefing as well?

 Hm? Well, we could overlook it if you stand in a corner somewhere, but...why do you ask?

 I was thinking of guiding senpai to the control room. There is a possibility she might fall asleep again on the way there.

...I'll be scolded by the chief if I leave you to your own devices...so in other words the result would be me sitting in as well.

 Well, if that's what you want then do as you like, Matthew. Are you alright with that, Reine-kun? Any other questions will have to be said on the way to the control room, but. Is there anything you need to ask right now?

 By the way, why does she keep calling me senpai?


 Ah, don't mind that. To her, anyone around your age would be considered a senpai. But it is rare for her to say it so clearly. No, actually it might be the first time. Now I've gotten curious as well. Hey, Matthew. Why exactly is this girl your senpai?

 You're asking for...the reason? Reine-san is the most human of everyone I've met so far.

 Hm. So, in other words?

I feel no threat from her whatsoever. Therefore, I have no reason to be hostile to her.

I see, that's very important! Many of the people in Chaldea are quite sinister-looking, after all! I agree with Matthew's opinion. You seem like the type to easily make a lot of friends!

 ...Catching Professor Lev's interest means you're the chief's most hated type of person. ......Um. What do you think of hiding yourself in the bathroom now, and boycotting the briefing?

 That would get the chief's attention even more. You should just resign yourself to your fate and see how your luck plays out. Let's jump into the tiger's den, Reine-kun. Hey, if you get used to it you'll be quite an attractive person.

 This is the central control room. Your number is...single digit, in the front row.


 Please take one of the empty seats in the very front row. ...Senpai? You don't look so well...

 ...Sorry, my head's blanking out again...

 The after-effects of the simulator. I'd like to take you to the sickbay as soon as I can, but...

 It's best if you avoid idle talk. Look, it's already starting.

We couldn't start on time, but it seems everyone's here now.


Welcome to the secret military agency Chaldea. I am Chief Olga Marie Animusphere. You are people in possession of a rare ability, chosen from———

[aaaand the screen fades to black.]

 Are you alright, senpai?

 ...Did I fall asleep?

 Yes. Whether you'd call it sleeping or not, it definitely seemed...like REM sleep. In any case, what's most important is that it seems the chief's slap completely woke you up. You've been taken off of the first mission, and I'm currently leading you to your room———eek!?


 Watch out...!

 N-no, this happens all the time, it's not a problem.

 Fou-san will launch a surprise attack on my face, move to wrap around my back, then finally settle on my shoulders.

 Are you the one who named him?

That's right. I didn't have any particular reason - the name "Fou" just instinctively floated into my mind.

I should have expected you'd see through me though. You have considerable insight, senpai.

 Fou. Kuu, foou! Foou!

...Hmm. It seems that Fou-san has ushered you in as an accomplice...

 But do squirrel-like creatures exist who view humans as rivals...

 Does he see me as a rival?

 Well, because it's Fou-san he'll likely forget it by tomorrow. By the way, we've reached our destination. This will be your own private room.

 What team are you on, Matthew?

 First mission, Team A. So I have to be getting back soon.


Fou-san will watch senpai for me, I see. That puts me at ease. Well then, I'll be going. If all goes well, I look forward to our meeting again.

 Yeesss, come--wh, aaaahhhh!? Who're you!? This is an empty room, it's my hooky spot!! Who gave you permission to come in here!?

 I should be asking who YOU are!

 Hey, no matter how you look I'm obviously an honest, hardworking doctor!

[some explanation later...]

 Ohh, nice to meet you Reine-chan. This was a pretty unexpected meeting, so let me introduce myself again.

I'm the head of the medical division, Romani Archeman. For some reason everybody abbreviates it to Dr. Roman. I don't know the reason but it's easier to say, so you can feel free to go with Roman too if you want.

 Actually, "Roman" sounds pretty good, doesn't it? It's cool, and it's got sort of a nice and careless feel to it.

 ...I see you're not the type to rush...

Brush? Oh, you mean my hair? I don't have time for it, see, so I always put it up like this.


 Huh? That thing on your shoulder, could it be the rumored mystery creature? Wow, it's my first time seeing it!

I'd heard about it from Matthew, but I wasn't sure it really existed... Well now, let's see if I can try my hand at taming it.

 Here, shake. If you do well I'll give you a treat~


 H-huh? Just now, the way it ignored me was like it just saw something pitiful...

A-anyway, I see what you're about. You're a newly-arrived recruit who's already managed to get on the wrong side of the chief's wrath, right?

 You're in the same boat as me then. To tell the truth, I got reprimanded and put on standby too.

You know the ley shift experiment is going to start soon, right? All the staff is being gathered there. But my job's maintaining everyone's health. Honestly, there was nothing for me to do. Using machines to check the vital signs of the magi in the Coffins is more accurate anyway. The chief chased me out, complaining I was killing all the tension in the place, so I've been reluctantly sulking in here.

 But then you showed up! It's like finding Buddha when you're in hell, or an online penpal when you're lonely. My comrade in idleness, we'll deepen our friendship by leisurely chatting together!

 I'm not all that lonely though.

Wha...you just got here and you've already got friends, what kind of relationship-building powers do you have...! Give me some of that luck!

[some time later......]

...and that's Chaldea's overall structure. In this secret workshop built into a snowy mountain 6000 meters above sea level...

[beep beep]

Lev: Romani, The ley shift will be starting soon. Could you come over here, just in case anything happens? Team A is in perfect condition, but I'm seeing some irregularities with people on Team B and beyond who aren't used to it. It's probably due to anxiety. The inside of the Coffins is similar to a cockpit, after all.

Hey Lev. That's unfortunate. I'll go give them a little anesthetic then, shall I?

Lev: Yes, as soon as you can. You're in the sickbay right now, aren't you? You should be able to get here in two minutes from there.

 This isn't the sickbay, is it?

 ...Aahh...don't say it...I should be able to make it in five minutes from here...

Well, they'll forgive me if I'm just a little late. Team A doesn't have any problems, anyway. Oh, that voice just now was a man by the name of Lev Raynor. He's the magus who created the Near-Future Observation Lens—Shiva, which is used to observe Chaldeas. Shiva can watch not just Chaldeas, but the inside of almost this entire facility, and project it all on a monitor. By the way, the creator of the summoning system at the center of it all was the previous chief. A super computer that could implement that theory into a functioning pseudo-spirit unit...or something like that. And the sponsor who supplied us with it was the Atlas Institute. It took a lot of different talents for this mission to be possible. There's no point in an ordinary doctor like me witnessing all of this, but if they're calling me then I've gotta go.

 Thanks for staying to chat with me, Reine-san. You should come by the sickbay once everything's calmed down. I'll treat you to cake next time.

Dr. Roman: Huh? Hey, what happened to the lights--

[a boom! red flashing lights! warning sirens!]

Announcer A: A state of emergency has occurred. A state of emergency has occurred.
Fires have broken out in the central power station and the central control room.
Partitions for the central division will close in 90 seconds.
All personnel, please evacuate quickly through Gate Two.
I repeat.
Fires have broken out in the central——————

Dr. Roman: Was that an explosion just now!? What in the world's going on...!? Monitor, show us the control room! Is everyone safe!?

 ...No way...

Dr. Roman: This is--

Reine, evacuate as quickly as you can. I'm heading to the control room. The partition's closing soon. You at least have to get out before that happens!


 I know. We're going to save Matthew!


Hey, what're you doing!? You're supposed to be heading the other direction, this is the way to Gate Two!! Don't tell me you're planning to come with me!? The extra help would be appreciated, but... Aah whatever, there's no time to argue! But you're going back before the partition closes!

..........There's no survivors. The only one still safe is CHALDEAS.

It looks like this is the explosion's point of origin. This was no accident. It was man-made sabotage.

Announcer A: Suspension of power has been confirmed.
Generator power insufficient.
Issues have arisen in - switching to - reserve power.
Please - switch - to manual operation.
40 seconds - left - until partitions close.
All remaining staff must————

 ...I'm going to the underground power station. It's impossible to stop this fire. You need to hurry back the way we came. You can still make it if you leave now. Don't stop at any point on the way! Get out, and find outside help!


Announcer B: System...ley shift switching to final stage.
Coordinates: AD 2004 - January 30th - Japan - Fuyuki
Transition safeguard Laplace - Established.
Framework for appending party to singularity point - Secured.
Unsummon Program - Set.
Masters, please input final adjustments.

 ...Something's not right here. If we don't go back soon...


 ...Hold on, I'm coming to save you...!

 .....It's, okay...I'm not going, to make it. You should, get out, while you still can.


Matthew: Ah...

Announcer B: Warning to observation staff.
The condition of Chaldeas has changed.
Rewriting Shiva's near future observation data.
On the earth in the next one hundred years
Traces of humanity - cannot - be detected.
Humanity's survival - cannot - be confirmed.
Humanity's future - cannot - be assured.

Matthew: Chaldeas has...turned, completely red...no, beyond, that—

Announcer A: Sealing - central partition.
180 seconds - before - building cleansing begins.

 ...The partition's, clo, sed. ...You can't, go--

 ...Yeah, you're right. We're in the same boat now.


Announcer A: Unable to detect - standard vital signs -
of Masters in coffins.
Unable to reach - ley shift - personnel quota.
Searching for applicable Masters . . . . Detected.
Reestablishing - Accomodation #48 -
Reine - as a Master.
Unsummon Program - Start.
Beginning - Spirit conversion.

 .....Um........sen, pai. Could you, hold, my hand?

Announcer: Ley shift starting in - 3
All stages - clear.
First Order - verification - commencing.


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