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 Senpai. We'll soon be arriving at the point Doctor specified.

 But...there are flames as far as the eye can see. This is entirely different from the Fuyuki in our data. According to our information, it's an average suburban city; the year 2004 shouldn't have had any calamities like this...The concentration of mana here is also abnormally dense. It's almost as if this were ancient Earth...

???: Eeek--!

...I've got a bad feeling about this.

 There's no mistaking that was a woman's scream just now. We need to hurry, senpai!

 What, what are these things!? Why am I the only one here to suffer through this!? I can't take this anymore - come and save me, Lev! You've always been the only one to help me!

 Chief Olga Marie...!?

 Wha--you!? Damn it all, what in the world is going on here--!

[after the battle]

The battle is complete. Have you sustained any injuries, Chief?

 .............What is the meaning of this?

 Chief? ...Oh, you must mean my situation. This may be hard to believe, but the truth is, I've--

You've fused with a Servant and become a Demi-Servant. I can see that at a glance. What I'd like to know is why it had to succeed now, of all times! [matthew looks surprised] No, even before that, you! You, the commoner who was late to my speech!


Why did you become a Master!? Only first class mages can make contracts with Servants! There's no way someone like you could become a Master! What sort of horrible things have you made that girl do!?

That's going too far, even for a misunderstanding!

Chief, you misunderstand. I'm the one who pushed her into making this contract.

What did you say?

Let me explain what happened. That way we can have a better mutual understanding of the situation. [timeskip] ...That's all. We were caught up in the ley shift, and transported to Fuyuki. No other Master candidates were brought here. You are the first human being we've met here so far.

But my hopes came true. If you are here, Chief, then there could be others who successfully...

...There aren't. I confirmed that on my way here. ...I don't want to accept it, but I can see why we were shifted to Fuyuki.

You mean you can explain why you survived?

 Process of elimination...no, more like a common denominator. The three of us did not enter Coffins. While attempting a ley shift with a flesh and blood body adds a sharp decrease to the success rate, that rate isn't zero. Add to that the fact that the Coffins have breakers. If the success rate for the shift falls below 95%, it cuts off the power. That's why they didn't complete the ley shift. We're the only ones here.

I see...you really do know everything.

You're pretty reliable once you've calmed down.

What's that supposed to mean!? Are you saying I'm not usually calm!?

 ...Hmph, it doesn't matter. I understand the situation now. Reine - in the light of this current state of emergency, I'll accept your pact with Kyrielite. You'll be obeying my orders from here on. ...Your first order of business is establishing a base camp, understand? At a time like this, we need to find a place in which we can collect magical energy for a leyline terminal. That's how we'll get in touch with Chaldea. After that, we need to look into--

This is the point, Chief. According to our information, the ley point is directly underneath your feet.

 Wha?! Er...y-yes, so it seems. Of course I knew that, there's no way I wouldn't!

 Matthew. Place your shield on the ground. We'll use your noble phantasm to establish a summoning circle.

...Yes, of course. Is that alright with you, senpai?

Go ahead, I'm fine.

...Understood. I'll begin, then.

This...looks just like the summoning test site in Chaldea...

CQ, CQ. Hellooo! Great, looks like the signal's back! Good job you two, fixing this space was a success. With this I'll be able to communicate with you, send over supplies, and--

Huhh!? Why are you managing this, Romani!? What about Lev? Where is he? Get him out here right this instant!

 Uwaaargh!? C-Chief, you're still alive!? After that explosion!? And unhurt, to boot!? The heck-!?

What exactly is that supposed to mean! Forget that, where is Lev!? What is the head of the medical division doing in this position!?

...You're kinda putting me in an awkward position, asking that. I know perfectly well I'm not cut out for a job like this.

But there isn't anyone else available to do it, Olga Marie. Right now, Chaldea has less than twenty surviving staff members, myself included. The reason I've been entrusted with military command is because there's no one surviving that's a higher rank than me. Lev was in command of the ley shift in the command room. It's beyond hoping that he'd be alive after being in the center of that explosion.

 No--Lev was...? No, more importantly wait, wait a moment, just wait, there's less than twenty survivors? So what about all the Master candidates? What happened to the Coffins!?

...All 47 are in critical condition. We're lacking medical supplies. However many we might have been able to save, they're all--

Don't mess with me, get them in cryopreservation immediately! If treatment methods are postponed, ensuring they don't die is our top priority!

 Aah! That's right, the Coffins have that function! We'll prepare them on the double!

...I'm surprised. Cryogenically freezing someone without their consent is a criminal act.

 And yet you made that decision without hesitation. You value their lives more than your position as chief.

That's the most foolish thing I've heard all day! Even if they all survive, there's no end to the amount of apologies and explanations I'm going to have to make, do you understand that!? There's no way I could take responsibility for 47 human lives...!

Don't die, I'm begging you all...! ...Gaah, if only Lev were here right now...!


...That ends my report.

To sum it up...Currently, Chaldea has lost 80% of its facilities. There's a limit to what the remaining staff can do. Therefore, I've decided to put them to mending the ley shift, and maintaining Chaldeas and Shiva. As soon as communication with the outside is restored, we'll request supplies to revamp all of Chaldea.

 Good. I would have made the same plan in that position. ...Sigh. Romani Archman. I don't want to have to say this, but Chaldea is in your hands until I return. Make repairing the ley shift your top priority. Meanwhile we will continue our investigation of this city--Singularity F.

Wha!? Chief, that place looks like a blast zone, aren't you scared!? Aren't you a chicken!?

...You talk way too much, sometimes.

 I'd like more than anything to go back right this instant, but it will be some time before the ley shift is restored, am I right? This city only has low-level monsters, so we should be safe with Matthew, who's now a Demi-Servant. I am proud as an Animusphere to make the best of whatever situation I am given, no matter how troubling the circumstances. Reine and Matthew Kyrielite will form an expeditionary team and begin investigation of Singularity F. However, as the two staff members I have here are inexperienced, the mission's goal will stop at discovering the cause of the abnormality. Analysis and elimination will wait until after Chaldea is restored and Team Two is sent in. Do you have any objections?

Is it really okay to just leave it at detection...?

Understood. I wish you good luck, Chief. It won't be long before we get things fixed, but feel free to contact me if an emergency arises.

...Hmph. Even if I did send an SOS, nobody could come to my rescue.


 It's nothing. I'll end the call here. Make sure you get to work on your end.

[romani disappears]

 ...Chief, is this okay? Waiting here for aid is also an option.

I can't do that. ...How much time will it take to choose the next team, once we get back to Chaldea? It would take at least a month just to raise the money for more personnel. Do you know how much protest we'd get from the organization in that time?

 At worst, they would confiscate Chaldea, citing it as a liability because of this failure.

If that happened it would mean ruin. I'm not going back empty-handed. I need results to silence them with, at any cost.

 ...Sorry, but I'll be joining you, Matthew, Reine. For now we'll start by exploring the city. The origin of this messed-up history should be around here somewhere.

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