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 ...When'd we get into Sylvarant? I didn't even notice.

Walking all that way really tired me out, though. This town looks like a nice place to take a break.

Meredy is hungry...

There's a store selling fruit across from us!

Now that you mention it, I'm pretty thirsty. I'll go check it out.

Shopkeeper: Hey there, welcome. How'd you like t'buy some apples? There's nice and sweet.

Apples, huh. Lemme see...


Hm, not bad. I'll take one. Seeya.

Shopkeeper: Wait a minute, sir! You forgot to pay!

Why should I have to pay? The manor pays all of--

...Oh yeah, I'm not in Kimlasca anymore.

What a pain...

Shopkeeper: You guys aren't thinking of skipping out on the bill, are you?

Wha-!? Don't slander me like that!

Village Man: Monsters are coming! Everyone run!

Shopkeeper: No way! What the hell's been going on lately!? Get outta here, kids, I'm closing up shop!

Do monsters appear often, here? Things are difficult for everyone.


What's wrong, Master?

Dammit, I can't believe that shopkeeper was treating me like some kind of robber...! We don't need to stay in a town like this. Let's go!

But the town people are in trouble! Aren't we going to help them?

Hmph, why even bother!

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