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Monster: Grrrr...

There's a guy fighting the monsters over there.

Baiba! He is fighting all alone!

Aren't you going to help him, Master?

Hmph, why should I? It's not like anybody's asked me for help.

Monster: GYAUU!

He defeated it in one blow!


Baiba! What amazing strength! Did you not help because you knew he was strong, Luke?

M-maybe, yeah.

Luke, your voice sounds strange. What is wrong?

Are you travelers? It's unusual to see people traveling through this town two days in a row. (Yesterday it was a dual-wielding swordsman, a mage, and one more, if I remember right...) ...What business did you come here for?

Local Man: Thank you, Leon. You really saved us, defeating all those monsters.

Day after day...I've had enough of this. How many times have I told you, I never signed up to be the town guard.

Local Man: But we really are indebted to you. If you weren't here, this town would have been destroyed a long time ago!

I've told you a million times, I'm not doing this because I like it. Don't misunderstand. Oh right, you three. There's a lot of powerful monsters in the area, so be careful. I told the other travelers this, as well.

[he leaves]

Is that man this town's guardian?

Huh? How should I know? Dammit, this isn't funny...let's hurry up and get outta town already.

Local Woman: The monsters are back!

Dammit, they're coming this way!

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