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Ugh, we got totally stuck fighting monsters back at that last town.

The capital of Sylvarant was Meltokio, right? I can't believe we're still not there yet...

Master, why don't you try looking at a map!

Shut up, Thing! Don't tell me what to do! This map's useless anyway. It's way too complicated to read.

Luke, Mieu, this is a thing that happens often. Do not worry, we will manage somehow!

Says the girl who's been lost the whole time.

Master, there's a cabin over there!

Oh, perfect timing. We'll go and see if there's somebody who can give us directions.

???: Who are you...?

Good, there was somebody after all. Hey you, do you live here?


What's with the unfriendly attitude? Well, whatever. Is Meltokio around here somewhere?

...It is not.




Argh, is that it!? If it's not then tell us how to get there already!

To get to the capital...go straight from here...take the next right...and then...

Luke, have you memorized it?

D-don't ask me...

Oh yeah, how about you just take us to the capital?

I'm Kimlasca's goodwill ambassador. You should be honored I'm letting you help us out.

Luke, this person lives here. It would be difficult for her to go with us.


Hweel! You will really help us!?

 Yes...let's go.

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