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There's never been any incidents with monsters in the middle of the city before...why would this be happening now...?

Do you mean this is a recent thing...?

Yes. Something's been strange ever since His Majesty the King began collecting the Star Fragments......What exactly has happened to this world?

Star Fragments and...His Majesty the King...?

Er, please forget I said that...!

At any rate, I'm glad we were able to defeat the monsters. ...Here, Repede. Come here~...


[repede walks away]

Hey, wait, Repede?

He left...

I'm never going to get Repede to like me.

That's too bad. And he's helped us so much, too...

Speaking of which, what were you doing with him, Cless?

I'm trying to investigate something. Repede seemed to have some sort of idea, so I was letting him lead.

(Though there's a good chance I had the wrong idea there...)

Oh, I see. I wonder where he was planning to take you to?

That's a good question. I don't know if he was even actually leading me anywhere, but he took off the minute he saw this medal.

Estelle: Huh? That's...

Cless: Oh, do you know it too?

Yes, I do. This is a special medal that's only ever given to members of the order of knights under the royal family's direct control; it's a great honor for someone to receive one of these.

The royal knights' order...?

No way...That would mean the people who attacked the village were...

...? Is something wrong?

The truth is...

That's...why would the knights do that...? Um, if all that is true, I don't know what I could possibly say...

It's fine - I don't think there's any need for you to be apologizing, Estelle.

I, I guess that might be true...

--No, I mean...umm...I've got it! I'm going to lead you to the knights!

You can do that?

Y-yes, I can. Leave it to me. It's this way!

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