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We're almost at the Grail. Are you ready? Got all your things together? This is our last stop, here.

No problem, I'm completely prepared.

Whoa, you're sure reliable. A Master with guts definitely ain't something to complain about at a crucial moment like this.

You might still be a novice of he trade, but you're equipped with the things most important for a navigator to have. The luck to catch hold of your destiny, and the decisiveness to keep moving forward. Don't you forget that recklessness of yours, alright? Guys like that'll definitely get the protection of the stars.

What are you talking about? Whether you're going forward or back, before any of that what you need is rest. Doctor, are you properly checking our vitals? Reine's complexion looks a little worse than usual.

Huh!? Er...you're right, she's not looking so good. She just suddenly made a contract with a Servant, after all...Nerves she hasn't used before are now running at full power, it's a burden on the brain.

Matthew, prepare camp. It's time for some hot tea with plenty of honey.

Understood, Doctor. I am in favor of teatime as well.

Oh, so we're having a meal before the final battle? I'll go hunt a boar for us then.

There aren't any around here, you should know that. Anyway, we don't want meat right now. What we need here is fruit.


...That was very satisfying. To think that the chief would be in possession of dried fruits - I'm once again surprised at the extent of her meticulousness.

I just happened to have some on hand, that's all. Citrus is an effective cure for headaches. But that aside--


...Do you want some more, Chief?

What I had was enough! While I'm at it, I want you to remember that I prefer coffee over black tea!

N-no, that's not what I meant to say. What I meant to say was...aaargh!

Y-you have earned passing marks for your work up to this point. As chief of Chaldea, I acknowledge your achievements. ...Hmph. What's that look for? It may have been a fluke, but regardless, there is no one else but you at the moment. It's perfectly reasonable to be praising you for your success under such circumstances. You may be third-class, but I realize you've managed to perform the job of a full-fledged adult.

Whoa. You actually recognized Reine-chan as an adult...did you eat something sweet?

Romani. If you can find the time for pointless chatter, send Reine a set of supplies.

It would be a pity if she tried so hard, only to fail due to lack of equipment.

Oh my. How very kind of you, to take pity on her like that. Could it be that the Chief's heart has managed to thaw at last?

Wha...! Hey, I didn't mean that kind of pity! Can't you even understand something as simple as that!?

Aah, I never get tired of seeing the romantic exchanges of young girls and boys. Though calling the Chief a young girl might be a little off.

I see. It's true that Chief is older, but her likes and interests make her seem quite youthful. I'll keep this deep affection of hers in mind.

What are you talking about!? Didn't I tell you you're all just my tools!?


Look, see, even this dark, monster-looking thing agrees with me!

[a long pause]

Wha--AYEEEEK!? Matthew, quick, eliminate it! It's going to eat me, I'm going to die!

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