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[estelle runs off as soldiers walk by]

More soldiers passed by again. There sure are a lot of them.

Huh? She's gone. Estelle?

Oh, there she is.

[they reunite]

Where did you go?

S-sorry, something in that store over there caught my eye.

Oh, okay. I was surprised when you suddenly disappeared like that, though. For a second I thought you'd run off to hide, or something.

...!! O-of course not, whyever would I do that?

Yeah, it's pretty silly, huh? I mean, it's not like you're running from anybody.

Y-yes, that's right. Come on, let's hurry. Ah, we'll be at our destination soon.

Knight: This is the Knight Order's guardroom. Unaffiliated people cannot enter. Go home.

There's something I'd like to ask. [he pulls out the medal] This medal...

Knight: Hey, I told you to go home!

I will not allow such rude speech!


Knight: A-aren't you Lady Estellise...? My apologies!

(That soldier's attitude just did a 180. What's going on here?)

 Cless, please show him the medal.

Er, right.

 We are investigating who the owner of this medal might be. Do you know, by any chance?

Knight: I believe that is one of the ones awarded to members of Captain Salet's independent knight brigade. I've seen it before.

 Salet's knight brigade...

Where is this Salet now?

Knight: The independent brigades are currently off on missions. The details are a military secret, so I'm afraid I can't tell you any more than that.

 I see...alright.


I'm sorry, Cless. I failed to find out where the main knight squad is.

No, it's fine...more importantly, Estelle, who exactly...


Ugh...there shouldn't be monsters in a place like this!

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