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Bowman: Y-you gotta do something!

Ashton: Preciiiss.....

Precis: Ugh, everybody be quiet! I'm doing all I can, here!

Precis: Uurgh...I'm so dizzy~ my head's spinning...

[she gets up]

Precis: Whoopsy-daisy! Everyone alright~?

Dias: Yeah...I made it just fine, somehow.

Noel: Wow~ That sure surprised me. It felt like I was on a roller coaster~

Precis: Huh? What happened to everybody else? Where'd they go?

Noel: Now that you mention it, they don't seem to be here!

Dias: ...Shouldn't they be in the rooms in the back?

Precis: Whoa, I hope they're okay...I'll go check on them!

Dias: Right...
[talking to dias]

Dias: So? Is everyone safe? That aside, for us to crash too...this is the worst possible development.

Precis: But Claude and Rena are supposed to be headed this way too, so even if things're bad they can still get us home.

Dias: ...Now I'm worried...

[talking to noel]

Noel: That sure was dangerous though~ I didn't think our spaceship would suddenly break down like that.

Precis: Urgh...I must've messed up somewhere when putting it together... This is a real shock...

Noel: Ah! There's no need for you to put yourself down like that! I don't think it was your fault, at least.

Precis: It's fine~ You don't need to try to cheer me up, Noel.

Noel: But that's not what I...
[next room]

Precis: I'm glad I installed these~ Though we can't use the warp system right now... That warp system's the most important thing here. Even if there's nowhere we can go at the moment...

Precis: Oh! Good, everyone's here~ You guys okay? We had kind of a scary landing there, but we've arrived!!

[celine gets up]

Celine: Do you think we're okay!? Honestly, I thought I was dead for a moment there!

[chisato gets up]

Chisato: But we did manage to land safely...

Precis: Yeah, that's right! If it hadn't been for my ship things could've gotten a lot worse~

[leon gets up]

Leon: And what's that supposed to mean? A situation like this happening in the first place is already unacceptable! It's a scientist's duty to prevent mistakes like this from happening!!

Precis: Ugh...I'm sorry...

Leon: Well, we did come out of it safely this time, so I guess I can forgive you.

Precis: Thanks! By the way, where's Bowman and Ashton?

Celine: I believe they're further in.

Precis: Back there?
[talking to chisato]

Chisato: This is a completely unknown, uncivilized planet... I'm curious to see what'll happen!

Precis: But y'know, you shouldn't let your curiosity get the better of you here!

Chisato: Oh? I never thought I'd hear that from Precis, the queen of curiosity...

Precis: Urgh...

[talking to celine]

Celine: We came to rescue Opera and Ernest, and yet now we've crashed too; what are we supposed to do now? ...But, well. I suppose that sort of thing can happen when you visit other planets. This is exciting!

Precis: What're you looking so happy for, Celine? I'm still shell-shocked over here!

Celine: Oh? Is that how I looked? I do beg your pardon.

Precis: You still look as happy as ever...

[talking to leon]

Leon: I wonder what part of the design went wrong...

Precis: Wouldn't it be the main system's programming?

Leon: Hmm...we've got a difficult problem in our hands.

Precis: Oh! Bowman!

[bowman gets up]

Bowman: Hey...Precis...

Precis: Huh? Where's Ashton?

Bowman: [turns around] Take a look. He's over there...

Precis: Whoaa~

Ashton: W-what's that look for! I'm not looking like this on purpose, you know!

Precis: Alright! That's everybody accounted for!

Bowman: But Precis. The ship's down for the count, right? So even if we find Ernest and Opera, we won't be able to get back. What do we do now?

Precis: Well, uh...I might have an idea...how about we have a meeting on the bridge?

Precis: First, let's go over our situation.

Leon: We came to this planet after receiving an SOS signal from Opera and Ernest.

Precis: Following which our spaceship somehow crashed...

Leon: It broke down, is how.

Precis: So now us rescuers are stuck here with no way home.

Celine: In other words, we've gone out for wool and come home shorn.

Bowman: So what now? Do we wait for Claude and Rena?

Precis: Hmm... Personally, I think it'd be better to go on with the search.

Ashton: Why?

Precis: Because Opera and Ernest had a spaceship of their own.

Noel: Oh, I get it~

Chisato: If we use parts from their crashed ship...

Precis: Exactly!! Why might be able to fix our own ship.

Celine: But this is an unknown planet. We don't know how safe it could be...

Dias: ...It's better than doing nothing, though...

Bowman: He's right. There's no point in twiddling our thumbs and thinking about it. Hey! Precis! Pick out 3 of us to form a party. It's more efficient if we move in separate groups.

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