Oct. 5th, 2017 07:28 am
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i dreamed there was an earthquake and the sky turned a weird foggy bright and birds were suddenly flying into telephone wires and impaling themselves on tree branches and the dentist down the street was so old she looked like a tiny wizened inhuman creature with stringy hair and a gaping toothless mouth (but she was still full of energy)
also my siblings and i were middle/elementary-school kids again and some other kid who looked like the pakistan guy from school offered us a chessboard
he was very annoying about it, like "i've got this game you guys will LOVE that you've NEVER PLAYED BEFORE" with a smug look on his face, and then sets down a badly-printed board with the entire chessboard printed in one corner
it didn't even take up a quarter of the board...also he wouldn't take it back and also disappeared, but my brother said he hadn't played math chess anyway
because the board had numbers around the edges, like picross
also the dentist part of my dream was this old man excitedly pointing out familiar parts of town because he used to live here, and he was like "there was an old dentist back then, i wonder if he's still alive?" and (s)he was
suddenly there were escalators on the outside of this building i was in! i went inside and it was somebody's house and these two girls and their brother dressed up in halloween costumes for some reason
i found the oldest girl's secret basement base and helped her put her fort together and one of the walls was her diary so i tried to flip to an appropriate page
it felt more like a garage than a basement, actually...anyway, one page was a very well-drawn picture of a boat covered in flowers with cats resting contentedly on pillows on the flower-coated benches and you knew these were the spirits of lost cats sailing off to the afterlife
i showed it to her and she made a valiant show of holding in her tears, though her voice shook a bit
i used the previous page instead, which didn't have much in the way of pictures and was about her having a bad day and wanting to set things on fire
i think this might have summoned the krakitten though
anyway, these kids lived in some sort of weird high-tech office building or something? the elevator had a strange computer setup in the middle, and there was a picture of dinosaurs on the screen and it kept making odd kitten noises
the main floor had two janitors, one of which was complaining about his job, another of which was an old man running with a mop going wheeeee
i tried to play a video game on a big screen but the input looked like guitar hero, the display was showing xbox buttons, i was holding a playstation controller, and the game was going really fast and sometimes asking for 3-4 buttons at a time
i figured out it accepted my playstation controller but i couldn't figure out which ps button corresponded with which xbox button so in the end i gave up
there was also a jamaican(?) man on the porch outside, with beatle sunglasses and a cloth hat like the one i lost on that girl scout trip all those years ago
i don't remember what he said but he left soon after
also my grandma was in the room with the video games, urging me to do my homework, and i told her it was pretty much done even though it wasn't
there were so many boxes of cereal and things, piled up around that floor...i think the company was running into financial troubles
and that's all i remember


Sep. 28th, 2017 07:20 am
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i dreamed i was pregnant? only i didn't look it and nothing would come out, so i gave up and moved on and there were police everywhere but apparently the staff was familiar with me so i could come and go freely, so i used the back stairs to carry an armful of kittens to safety
there were so many kittens...there were kittens outside, too
there was something else involving a cousin and her kids, only i didn't recognize any of them?
there were doctors too, because of the pregnancy thing, and my mom was with me for pretty much the whole dream


Sep. 27th, 2017 07:53 am
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i dreamed i opened a door that led to empty black space and stars and stalactites made of horrorterrormeatskulls and smiling happy spartacus
he was clinging upside-down to a stalactite, having already experienced terrible pain beyond our wildest imaginings, and was smiling the same as always
i shut that door and turned around and learned the naruto cast's next adventure involved blasting off to space!
then i got coaxed by somebody into robbing a safe? only when i opened it all i found was a doujin i already owned, a couple comic anthologies, some magazines....
then suddenly it was time for a race! the announcer lady was this very serious-looking lady with long black hair and glasses and she totally saw me raiding that safe and didn't care, but also everyone started running before i got to the starting line
at this point i was now a lalafell, and the camera wasn't cooperating and i realized the only way to keep up with everybody was to sprint as often as i could
it was a difficult race! on a rickety wooden track going around a seaside cliff! it wasn't an even road either so you had to watch out for random wooden structures or gaps in the path, which was difficult because of the camera
i almost fell off at the very end, but somehow i just barely managed to place first...the prize was a pair of movie tickets and a couple wooden fans or something? the movie tickets were also these fan-length wooden sticks with words on them, which in dreamland were how movie tickets looked in 1920s japan
the lady who placed second looked vaguely like megumi from kenshin, only taller? and she wasn't happy at my winning but she cheered up a little when i offered one of the tickets and asked her to go to the movies with me
but later i went to the theater by myself and couldn't figure out anything at all? they said i needed an id! or to renew my id? and somehow i got directed to a room full of computers with a big screen at the far end and i couldn't figure out what to do there and someone else directed me to a smaller computer outside but i woke up somewhere in the confusion


Sep. 25th, 2017 07:31 am
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i dreamed there was a big stage like the one on tv last night, and there was a girl singing about how much she loved her boyfriend and wanted him and his hair and his eyes and his nose and his teeth and
but he wouldn't give his teeth! she was very disappointed! then somehow i managed to meet her and we chatted at a bar next to the stage (everything was lit up blue in the darkness), and i forget exactly what we talked about besides her boyfriend's teeth
but! while she was distracted! i wandered off later and climbed down past a waterfall and found him getting a tooth pulled out by a dentist
he was moaning in pain or something
he loved her after all!! so after this was proven i went off to class i think? and then class let out and for some reason my desk/backpack was full of hogwarts/gryffindor stuff
i invited a girl to stay at our house! she was apparently my sister's friend? my house was a weird mix of my old house and my current house, but also it was a mansion with stairs that went up
when i think about it, the girl looked vaguely like sarah from girl scouts and lanadawn from middle she was basically a giraffe
also when we looked out from the second floor there was some strange procession going on, but the rain woke me up before i could make out details


Sep. 24th, 2017 07:41 am
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i dreamed two sisters were very poor and had to walk a long way to school, and over time the younger sister became sporty so while they started off in saris the younger one evolved into a long skirt and sports top and sneakers
is it called a sari? i might have the wrong outfit...the older sister might've worn a hijab but i can't remember clearly
anyway everybody was very happy until the big bad dad showed up, watched her happily running very fast, accused the mom of getting the shoes so daughter could stomp away flies
presumably he wanted her to get rid of the shoes? but i think she ran off instead, and then the dream switched to a chocobo only there were huge graphical errors on the screen so it took a few minutes for me to figure out how to save and quit
anyway, before all the errors the chocobo was traveling the world! but got stuck in some tiny poor village in the middle of nowhere and something something i forget
meanwhile! i had no shoes! i was running around in light green socks, but i realized people wouldn't approve of this so i put on some slightly ill-fitting chinese shoes and went to see the cobbler
by "chinese shoes" i mean they were silken blue and black, but they weren't quite the right size....also i guess the cobbler lived apartment building? a school building? i dunno but i checked out her office and she wasn't there so i thought maybe she was out for the weekend
when i went back outside there was a winner's platform and first place went to a group of naked girls and the announcer was chuckling at this sheepish-looking guy who i guess had accidentally said something funny that i'd missed
he was a big, chubby guy in a black tshirt...his girlfriend was also smiling so i wish i knew what he'd done
anyway! so i moved on! and ended up at a self-medication stand? there were all sorts of medicines and an older man in a suit picked one out and left for the checkout counter, presumably
i didn't need any medicine so i kept going and checked out the next couple bins, which were full of a wide variety of stuff from books to stuffed animals to swan costumes(?) to shirts
i found a black tshirt with a huge full-color manga page whose artist was familiar to me but i can't place which it was...
the manga was original though, it's the style that was familiar
i grabbed that and a couple other things and then started milling around like should i get them? maybe, maybe not, maybe i could show it to the others and ask their opinion?
i think that's about where i woke up
i wonder what contest those girls won...


Sep. 23rd, 2017 07:04 am
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i dreamed my dad was trying to drive through an extremely crowded area and kept almost running people grandpa's friend even tried to catch his attention and he kept backing up while i yelled baba!! he's right there!! look out the window for once!! and he very grumpily finally looked and the guy was like
that exact facial expression
at another part i was going through a crowded supermarket with people? and then this guy was like "forget [the part of the group running ahead of us], they're not helping at all"
then he asked if i could help him with an interview and i said sure! but also i got a prank toy made to look like cinnamon bubblegum that'd snap your finger when you reach for it
so anyway, i helped carry some heavy boxes of stuff to the great priest sanzang's office, and everything gets fuzzy around there because rain half woke me up
...oh, there was also a part where an entire family turned into chopsticks and stationery and stuff, and they'd make annoying commentary while you ate
they were a family of lineface kimono people who looked kinda familiar but i can't place where

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Sep. 22nd, 2017 07:24 am
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i dreamed i got captured by aliens, only the aliens looked like tall indifferent humans with an anime variety of hair colors
they led me through a long corridor to my new room, and there was this mention of how a lot of people wouldn't want to escape in the first place as the camera cut to a pretty blonde girl reclining elegantly on extravagant silk sheets in her equally extravagant room
but there were still people who wanted to leave! the alarm sounded, and some scary thin guy with a mohawk and open vest was like YEAH I'M GONNA CAPTURE THEM because there's a prize if you help
he thought i was helping too, but when i saw him sneaking up on that ewok as it gazed wistfully into the distance from the edge of that hillock....i coughed very loudly
the noise gave the ewok just enough time to avoid death! because mohawk was a little overboard in his capture methods (i don't remember what he was going to do, but it would've been a one-hit ko)
something some point i guess i managed to escape? i was on the surface! with a girl i think? i vaguely remember her seeing a letter with her name on it in an area we couldn't reach yet, and being annoyed about it
also, the surface had dinosaurs or something! maybe they were monsters? either way they were gigantic
speaking of which, while i was in space prison i distracted a dangerous big guy by reading him a storybook about dinosaurs, only someone had drawn numbers on the pictures and they were throwing me off
also on the surface i saw uncle eric and uncle bo in this strange area like a large school gym, but filled with random junk like you might find in a yard sale
baseball caps, simpsons stuff, other things....
i also met grandmama at some point...she was alive and her old chubby self again, and i gave her a hug and she said something comforting which i've conveniently forgotten
the end, i guess


Sep. 18th, 2017 07:34 am
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i dreamed my house flooded, only it didn't look like my house? but it was, and then i'm not sure what was going on but for a minute i thought a new family was moving in but actually mama was repairing the place and she called me to say my new room was the third door on the right (i could see it in my mind's eye)
so i went in the door (rather than walking into a house it felt like i was already in a building and was just opening a strange white door in the wall) and it was a big white clean spacious area and i could see the second floor from here and i went into the third house on the left
inside that house, i laid down on the second bed to the left (the third and fourth were taken by my sis and my dad, respectively) and boasted to my sis that my house was the best of the four, and she asked me for my reasoning but i didn't have any (also i wondered why my dad was there, but no answers were forthcoming)
ummm other things happened i can't remember but at some point later i was in a room and i'd just got a game of some sort? at the point i was at, i was swimming underwater but some rooms were full of garbage and the green stench coming from it was hurting me like poison
but then one of the rooms closed on me! the whole room was green! a giant eye opened in the center of the room, and the boss awoke!
for the boss fight i had to fight a giant crane with duck-length legs (or a giant duck with a crane head?), but i could only fight it when it was diving or sitting on the water because its legs were its weak point
there were two other helper enemies too, that were also really big, but i can't remember what they were...salmon? gators? either way, they were bigger than me
but i beat it! i beat it and showed my brother and then tried to get him and sis to play the next game this level had unlocked, which was an actual physical board game
each of us got three cards with animal characters on them (sorta like animal crossing, where they wear clothes and have names, only each one also had their own stats and job class and stuff) and we had to use their skills as we moved our pieces across the board
my brother didn't wanna play though, so a few seconds in he bailed on us
aunt#4 also showed up at some point in this dream, but i can't remember where or another part i got in a tiny go-kart-sized car and started driving, and i drove past a group of people i'd apparently recently left?
they bid me a fond and vaguely tearful farewell as i drove through their group, and then i drove past a chinese couple who were apparently my old teacher (but which one was the teacher, and what did they teach?) and then i drove down a hill only suddenly there wasn't enough space for my feet on this go-kart so i was trying not to scrape the muddy ground
i also had to dodge incredibly low-to-the-ground tree branches! and my youngest aunt showed up at some point to talk about how my uncle also liked this sort of thing, and how so-and-so could give me kung fu lessons if i wanted, and--
eventually i got off the kart (it was no longer a car) and joined a few people in an incredibly dark but somehow picturesque area under some weeping willows
it was...a mom and her teenage daughter? and possibly a third adult? i forget
what was important! was that i had a puppy! and it looked like pooka from the anastasia movie, but smaller and more realistically puppy-like, and it kept flopping everywhere because it was still used to being a puppy
the mom poured some green tea into a tiny saucer (it looked like the little dish at home we'd leave teabags on) but some sort of graphical error showed up so the puppy turned invisible, but you could still tell it'd moved to lap up the tea
i managed to pet it in the right place! despite it being invisible! and it got better after i picked it up a minute later
i forget the rest so i guess i'll end it here


Sep. 16th, 2017 08:19 am
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i dreamed there was a giant whale the size of a city or something, and it was angrily swimming through the ocean and it may or may not have been the eye of a hurricane? i never saw the hurricane but there was that implication
there were two babies in matching baby seats that'd somehow got tangled on its tail, and they were wailing their hearts out but also taking in water and rescue swat teams were watching from far away trying to figure out how to rescue them without bothering the whale
meanwhile i was in a restaurant with my family? it seemed like a cheap, poor fast food restaurant, only the way they cooked was very chinese, and they used so much oil that droplets were bursting from the pan and hitting the far wall
there was something else important in this restaurant but i forget what...oh, but i signed a card! a birthday card maybe? or a get well card
i drew sunglasses on a groundhog on the card because it had big black bulgy eyes and it wasn't a fox (i originally planned to give it a tail)
i forgot the rest of my dream because i turned on merc storia instead of writing it down immediately.....


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