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Because sometimes I suddenly feel like writing poems. Can anybody guess what this one's about!

Only males allowed in here they say
we will do inappropriate things
they say
snips and snails and puppy tails
a city full of bores

Only girls allowed in here we say
we will drink tea and dress like queens
we say
sugar spice and all things nice
a garden full of sows
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The wind is buried beneath the earth
the sky denied its air
The earth itself encircled, bound
to strip the planet bare
And yet the wind cannot be kept
imprisoned 'til its death
It must be free to fly away
as soft as any breath
Be kind to it, give it your love
to soothe its transient form
else it may grow and darken
'stroying all with its black storm

...I wrote the first half of this poem in the dark during that Romeo and Juliet play I didn't really mention in my previous post, and the second half during an incredibly bumpy car ride. Needless to say I was the only one who could read this at the end of the day. And the first few lines were actually something different when I first wrote it out, but looking back it didn't fit with the theme, so.

In other news, my sister and I are actually making progress on that story we decided to make up together a year ago! Awesome.


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