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???: Mononoke begin to inhabit the land of Utsuwa.
Humans begin to multiply, and start to inhabit Utsuwa as well.
As the humans' influence gradually increases, mononoke are driven from the land, and forced into the mountains.
With the increase in human power, having Meals grows ever more difficult for mononoke.

~200 years ago: The state of affairs is reached in which weaker mononoke are unable to obtain Meals.
In order to secure Meals for his weaker subjects, Shin ties Shadows to Utsuwa.

With the Shadows confined to Utsuwa, it becomes easier for mononoke to obtain Meals within the land's borders.
Because of this, the number of humans eaten by mononoke increases.
At the same time comes a period of continuous bad weather, causing a striking decrease in the human population.

With meals now easier to obtain, next comes the problem of "gluttony" among the mononoke.
*Those mononoke who persist in gorging themselves become Akujiki.

~190 years ago: A boy from the human village, Akashi(16) enters the mountain; Mikoto finds him collapsed.
He gains a strange power from the tsubaki flower Mikoto gave him. (Hereafter, he has the power to oppose mononoke)
Several days later, he escapes from Mikoto's location.

One year later, Akashi fights Shin with the goal of releasing Utsuwa from the shadows, and succeeds in opening a hole in the shadows.
In order to stop the shadows from leaving Utsuwa, Shin uses his own body as a wedge to tie them down once more.
Shin's soul, now without a body, enters Akashi's now-empty body, which he seems to have lost in the fight.
Akashi's soul, together with Shin's body, is sealed in order to stop the shadows.
Shin, possessing Akashi's body, heads to the human village in order to tell Akashi's sole relative, Hina, about his death; he ends up living in the village.

The Tochika family, which governs the human-inhabited Utsuwa, knows the truth but - unable to act at this point in time - simply watches over the situation.
The head of the Tochika family erects a grave in Sagano (the silver grass field) for Akashi.
*While officially presented for Shin, it is meant to appease the soul of Akashi, who (is thought to have) died.
*Hereafter, the Tochika family does not involve themselves with the mononoke, instead observing the course of events.

At the big winter festival (a festival meant to honor the white fox which rules the mountain), the Tochika family head secretly changes the festival procession to one which prays for the repose of Akashi's soul.
The song sung at the procession (the title song "Akaya akashiya ayakashino") was created by the head priest of the time (a woman).

~160 years ago: Akashi's body, possessed by Shin, reaches its limit. (outwardly still 17)
Shin possesses another body (Shin (Akashi) and Hina's child). This cycle of possession continues to the present day.
*This is the beginning of the "yorishiro" possession situation, which continues on into the present.

After the death of the shrine head, Sato takes over the shrine. (commandeered into a dwelling for mononoke)
Mikoto gains an interest in the shrine, and together with the the mononoke, moves in from deep in the mountains.

~36 years ago: Tochika Akitoshi (then 16) becomes classmates with Sato in the guise of a human. (Sato entered the school on a whim)
Tochika suspects Sato of being an ayakashi, and continues observing him over the span of three years.

~33 years ago: Tochika Akitoshi and Sato graduate high school.

~24 years ago: Akane's mother disappears. (she becomes a yorishiro)
Akane (11) begins living with her cousin, Sakura Yoshiki (14).

~21 years ago: Yoshiki (17) disappears. Becoming the next yorishiro in Akane's place, he starts living at the shrine.
Their childhood friend Tsubaki Yaichi (14) supports Akane (14), who has lost her family.

~17 years ago: Tsubaki Yaichi (18) and Akane (18) get married. Around ten months later, Tsubaki Tougo is born.
In October the same year, Tochika Akiyoshi is born.

~8 years ago: Tougo (9) meets Yoshiki. (Tougo, who is prone to mononoke attacks, was protected from the shadows by Yoshiki)
Akane (26) reunites with Yoshiki.
Akane becomes heavy with child (Yue) through Yoshiki.

~7 years ago: Akane (27) disappears. It's thought she eloped with an adulterous lover.
Yue is born in the shrine.
At the same time, Yoshiki and Akane are both made into Meals; his body alone grows to adulthood.

~6 years ago: Hina is taken in by the Tsubaki family.

~1 year ago: Tougo and Akiyoshi both enter Utsuwa High School.
Yue, having gained an awareness of self through Kurogitsune's interactions, is allowed to leave his room.

Year 0: Kurogitsune sneaks Yue out to the big winter festival.
Yue meets Tougo and Akiyoshi.


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