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Bear: Hey there. ...Judging by the lack of an answer, I'm guessing you're a newbie? I'm Bear, a Blademaster. Don't worry, I'm nobody suspicious.

[BT logs in]

BT: He's just a kindly and meddlesome old man.

Bear: ...I'm helping a newbie here, BT.

BT: Professor Bear's giving a lecture on The World, huh...that brings back memories. I'm BT, a Wavemaster. Nice to meet you...

Bear: If you think you might have trouble, I'm willing to offer support...do you need any help?


Bear: I see... But you know, even if you're a solo player, it's never too late to learn to enjoy forming parties. Here, take this.

[Bear's Member Address acquired! He gives the basic tutorial about member addresses and party forming! BT adds that the amount of EXP you gain isn't affected by parties, so there aren't many merits to playing alone.]

Bear: That's right. So how about you join us, BT?

BT: ...Heh. Somehow I knew you'd ask.

[BT's Member Address acquired! More tutorials on the Chaos Gate, followed by the team going to the same starting area Kite visited with Orca.]

Bear: Before we start our adventure, you should get an explanation on how to use the camera... Professor BT, would you do the honors?

BT: Don't make fun of me...sheesh. ...Ahem! [Insert camera tutorial, peppered with comments such as "If you don't figure out cameras you'll get surrounded by monsters and die."] That's right. When a battle starts, don't panic, and don't forget to move the camera.

Bear: Hey now... This is a newbie you're talking to. Couldn't you be a little kinder?

BT: Kind, huh... I'm not that lenient.

Bear: Well then...!

[Insert more tutorial! Field info, battle, skills--]

Bear: ...Heh. I'm sure you're getting bored, with all these instructions. This time, how about you use the Chat Commands to give me instructions? [She gets you to have her heal you] So...? Ordering me around must feel really good, right?

Bear: Hey, hey...

BT: [More talk about how to use Chat Commands] Now...let's stop the lectures here. You can try out what you've learned so far while we adventure.

Bear: If you've got confidence in the controls, then let's check out the dungeon.

Bear: And so, it's finally time to explore the dungeon. [Insert warning on being unable to gate out in dungeons, intro to treasure chests--]

BT: This one's a dangerous chest...you can see the color's different. If you open it as it is now, you'll activate the trap, and something terrible will happen.

Bear: Like when a guy gets rejected by BT.

BT: Bear... If you're going to poke fun at me, I'm leaving.

Bear: Alright, alright.

BT: ...At times like this, you can disarm the trap with a Fortune Wire. [She uses one] Now it's safe. Press the ○ button to open it.

Bear: Likewise, the key to BT's heart can be used to safely open--

BT: Bear...!

Bear: Alright, alright.

[Insert the rest of the dungeon tutorial - going back to root town!]

Bear: And so...we return to town unharmed. Thus concludes the basic instructions on how to play The World. You should adventure in areas suited to your level, to start. Of course, I'm always willing to help.

[Mimiru logs in]

Mimiru: Huh? Old man!

Bear: Hey there, little lady.

Mimiru: And you're with BT. Hey, what're you guys doing?

BT: Professor Bear's lecture on The World.

Mimiru: Whooaaa~ ...Sounds like a real snoozefest.

Bear: Hey now...

BT: Well, this is my call to log out for now.

Bear: Yeah, me too. But hey...I'll send you an email. Check your mail when you log out, alright?

BT: One last thing...when you stop the game, press "End Game," of course - haha.

[They log out]

Mimiru: Right, bye then~!

[She logs out too...]

Email: Congratulations (From Bear)
I'm glad to have become your companion in your first adventure.
With this, you're now a resident of The World.
Let's look forward to more adventures together.

I'll always be willing to lend a hand when I have the time.

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