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Yo, how's everybody doin'? Hacca's site took questions from September to October 2011, so we're gonna answer 'em all here! Thanks for all the questions, guys!
We've revised a few of the questions, and won't be able to answer them all due to page limitations, so please forgive us for that.
We really wanted to answer 'em all, but there were so many we couldn't keep up!
Come on, stop stretching this out and start the show already. You're keeping everyone waiting at this point.
Shaddup, the hell're you so eager for? Why do I gotta do the warmup with you anyway!
How should I know? I should be the one asking that.
You're always acting like that...well, whatever. Right, now let's start!
1. A question for Yue-kun. Exactly how long can you sleep at one time?
Umm, until I'm woken up?
If you leave him alone, he'll seriously sleep for over a day. It's unbelievable.

2. Yue-kun, do you have dreams besides those ones where you talk to Shin? What are they like?
I see all kinds of dreams. Dreams about people who aren't me, doing lots of different things. Shin says they're memories, but I wonder if they're Shin and long ago people's memories?

3. Why don't you like rolly pollies, Yue?
Because looking at them makes me sleepy...?
That's a lie. It's just because you fell asleep outside one day and got surrounded by 'em before you noticed.
...Yeah, that definitely made me shudder.
I keep tellin' you those guys're the ones who should've been scared! Just imagine if you hit one rolling over in your sleep! Stop sleepin' where you'll bother others!

4. For Yue-kun. One plus one is...!?
Two~ Hehe, I've studied a little with Sato-san and Tomori.
Abe-san-tachi teaches the abacus and stuff. Whenever you make a mistake he gets seriously mean, it's unbelievable.

5. Yue-kun, do you always wear your mask when you sleep? Doesn't it hurt when you turn over in your sleep and knock into it?
I take it off when I sleep, of course!...When I sleep properly, that is.
He leaves it on when he takes his afternoon nap or falls asleep whenever. Sometimes I'll hear him cry out or something when he bumps it.
Even a mask can do bad things, huh? Hehe.

6. Yue-kun, why do you keep calling Sagano-san Sagano-san, even after learning his real name?
Because I only know the person named Sagano-san. Since I only know him the way he is now, he's Sagano-san.
Well, it's true the inside and outside are different...
Is it okay if we go with that too?
I don't care about names.
So you say, but you've got a complicated look on your face...

7. Who named Yue-kun?
Mikoto: Not I. Before I noticed, Sato had already named him.
Sato: If he was to gain a sense of self, and find his way outside, it would naturally be inconvenient if he did not have a name.
Kurogitsune: Right right, he didn't have a name in the beginning, y'know~ But, did you get the name from Yoshiki?
Sato: ...Well now. It was more a name that popped into my head, as I was looking at him.
Kurogitsune: Hmm...?
8. Yue-kun, were you happy?
Yue: I was happy. Thank you, though. ...Heheh.
9. A question for Yue, Tougo, and Akiyoshi! Isn't Kurogitsune heavy, riding on your shoulders all the time?
Yue: My shoulders get stiff, yeah~ Even though he always says he's light.
Kurogitsune: Hey, don't tell me you've got complaints! It's the easiest place for me to be, so there's no problem.
Tougo: He's warm, so I don't mind if it's just for a little while.
Akiyoshi: ........
Kurogitsune: ...Y-you guys...! *sparkle*...
Yue: Eh, you're both welcoming him...? You sure like animals, huh.
10. A question for Kurogitsune. What's with the talisman(?) on your right eye? Also, what do you have going on under it?
Kurogitsune: Huh? I can't help this. 'cause I don't got This.
Mikoto: Because of Kurogitsune's family, am I right?
Yue: ...???
11. What about Yue makes him special to you, Kurogitsune?
Kurogitsune: Givin' me a question like that...special's special. There's nobody in the world I gotta bother as much as this guy, see?
Tomori: ...That would be because he's special to you, isn't it?
Kurogitsune: Really? Dammit, I don't get it!
12. Kurogitsune, have you ever gotten in a big fight with Yue before? What was the reason for it?
Kurogitsune: 'course I have! It happens all the time! Like when he won't wake up no matter how much I try, or when he goes to sleep without eatin'.
Yue: Kurogitsune often gets mad all by himself~
Kurogitsune: Huhh!? Don't talk like it's all my fault!!
Yue: I'm not talking like that. Geez, its because you get so mad fast~
Suisen: They have little fights like this all the time.
Kiimun: But he gets maddest when Yue's in danger! Kurogitsune turns his worry into anger, you know.
13. Kurogitsune-kun, if you ever grow up will you become cooler than the 4 protags?
Kurogitsune: 'course I will, what else do you expect from the great Kurogitsune-sama!
Ranchuu: Though he gets overwhelmed wondering when it'll happen.
Kurogitsune: The hell, you're one to talk!!!
Ranchuu: I don't hold such high expectations.
14. Kurogitsune, when you sleep with Yue, do you share a futon with him in fox form? Or do you sleep with him in human form?
Kurogitsune: Normally I go like this, but when it's cold I'll sleep with him in fox form.
Yue: Both of them happen often. I think it's just when I'm not feeling well that we sleep separately.
15. Question for Kurogitsune. Are Miko-sama and Shin something like family? Also, I'll buy a black fox talisman if there are any.
Kurogitsune: Master and Shin are Shirogitsune-sama so they're special. They're not family, that'd be rude. But thanks for sayin' you'd buy a talisman! Awright, I'm gonna go negotiate with Abe-san-tachi again!!!
16. For Kurogitsune. Whose shoulders are most comfortable to ride? Also, whose shoulders are least comfortable??
Kurogitsune: Obviously the most comfortable ride would be somebody with a stable physique. Personally I think Mashiro-san's the best ride.
Yue: Eehh, it's not me?
Kurogitsune: I'm used to you, is all. Anyway, the least comfortable would be...
Sato: ...Hm? What is it?
Kurogitsune: Ah, er, it's nothing, sir!
Yue: I get the feeling this means something different from Sato-san being uncomfortable.
Gyokuro: He's just nervous~
17. A question for Tougo-kun. What kind of music do you usually listen to?
Tougo: All kinds...I'll listen to anything, basically.
Yue: When I got to listen that one time, it somehow made me really sleepy...
Kurogitsune: Personally I thought it was so loud it hurt my ears!
Akiyoshi: The lyrics always hold deep meaning. Listening gives me a deep impression.
Hina: He sings the songs from my favorite shows for me~♪
Tougo: ...Everybody's saying something different, but basically I'm not picky.
18. Why is Suzuki-kun so attached?
Suzuki: He helped me when I got lost on the first day of school, and it's been like this ever since!
Tougo: ...I did?
Akiyoshi: Just like this, students get attached to Tsubaki after he unthinkingly helps them. I hear this often.
19. Tougo-kun, what do you think of Yue-kun calling you "Onii-chan"?
Tougo: ........Unsure.
Yue: Ah, he said that like it's normal.
Kurogitsune: Well, compared with That (little sister) you're definitely more questionable. Cute-wise.
Yue: Eehh, aren't I cute too?
Tougo: Calling yourself cute isn't cute.
20. What does Tougo-kun think of Akiyoshi-kun, who always speaks his mind?
Tougo: ...He's not exactly charming.
Akiyoshi: ....!!!
Kurogitsune: In a roundabout way, this is kinda like when he told him he was "like a little brother" earlier.
Yue: I mean, hearing that he's not charming must be a shock for Akiyoshi...
21. You're currently in that time called puberty/the springtime of youth; are you interested in girlfriends or anything?
Tougo: ...Girls are a pain....
Akiyoshi: Let me explain. Tsubaki dated a girl from the neighboring class for a time during his freshman year, but it was short-lived and ended in catastrophe. Ever since, no matter what kind of girls approach him, it seems he's never associated with them.
Yue: ...Ooh, I see--is what I want to say, but why do you know this, Akiyoshi?
Kurogitsune: You're so earnest it's gross! Akiyoshi!!
Tougo: ........
Akiyoshi: Don't give me such a disdainful look, Tsubaki. There are strong reasons for this.
Tougo: ...Strong reasons...?
Akiyoshi: The girls who approached you were always girls that worried me....
Tsubaki: ..............
Yue: You kinda wanna back away either way, huh?
Kurogitsune: Is he pitiful or just a stalker...
22. A question for ED4's Tougo-kun. How does Sagano-san spend his days at your house? I'd really like to know!
Tougo: Whether he's asleep, awake, or eating, he seems to just be aimlessly hanging around.
Kurogitsune: That's no different from when he was big!
Hina: I told him to go to kindergarten with me, but sometimes he doesn't show up.
Yue: That's because he's playing with me, so it's okay~
Sagano: We're not playing. Stop followin' me.
Yue: No way.
Kurogitsune: You look like you're having fun, Yue...
23. Tougo-kun, you usually have your own circle of friends at school. Do you hang out with them? Though you're guys, do you decide who to eat bentous with and things like that?
Tougo: Well, I've got guys I always hang out with, anyway.
Suzuki: I'm not one of them, by the way...
Akiyoshi: ...Neither am I...
Tougo: I eat with you sometimes, don't I? Actually, I've been eating together with Akki a whole lot lately.
Akiyoshi: ...That's true, but...
Suzuki: Ugh, how--when did that happen...!!! That's not fair-!
24. Tougo-kun and Ranchuu, is there anything you're bad at, in cooking?
Tougo: ...I don't really like handling raw food, so I let my dad handle it. Akashi's pretty good at it too, actually.
Ranchuu: As Sato-sama doesn't care for non-Japanese meals, I don't tend to make those recipes. Kurogitsune sometimes finds things in town that he annoys me into making for him, though.
25. For Tougo-kun and Akiyoshi-kun. I want to see your report cards!
Tougo: Mine's a bunch of A's and B's. I think it's pretty average.
Akiyoshi: I have an A in PE and History. My worst subject is Art.
26. Akiyoshi, when did you start wearing glasses and a mask? Or rather, how long have you had allergies?
Akiyoshi: I used to be quick to catch colds, so the mask was indispensable; but it became indispensable in a different way after I entered middle school.
27. Akiyoshi, are you wearing prescription glasses? Or are they an anti-pollen measure?
Akiyoshi: If I'm not sitting in the very back seat, I can get by even without glasses.
28. Akiyoshi-kun, you're always wearing your glasses and mask; don't you ever have trouble with the glasses clouding up?
Akiyoshi: Of course I do. ...But not wearing them causes even more trouble...
29. Akiyoshi, how many tissue boxes do you normally buy at one time?
Akiyoshi: When I run out of tissues brought from home, I'll buy more. Also when I want fine-quality tissues. There have been times where I buy a lot, and half my allowance disappears.
Kurogitsune: Y'know, this feels kinda like a concentrated attack...of questions about glasses and allergies...
Akiyoshi: Hm? What does??
Akiyoshi, please tell us your feelings on Yue and Tougo! I bet you actually really like Yue, right?
Akiyoshi: Of course I don't. I like Tsubaki a lot though.
Yue: Uwaah, how meeeaaan.
Kurogitsune: A total rejection...
Akiyoshi: Shouldn't that be obvious? Fox Mask is suspicious. He's noisy too, and troublesome to be with. Tsubaki's calming presence, on the other hand, gives me a sense of peace.
Yue: I don't want to hear that from Akiyoshi though...
Tougo: .......
Kurogitsune: This guy's makin' a face like he really doesn't wanna hear you say you like 'im, though.
Akiyoshi: T-Tsubaki...?
Yue: No, isn't he just embarrassed? Tsubaki, I like you a lot too~
Tougo: .......
Yue: See?
Akiyoshi: ...No matter. Anyway, the point is I don't think highly of you at all. It's true, who would ever think of you that way...
Yue: With you specially saying it like that, though, it almost feels like you actually do like me.
Kurogitsune: You'll be happier if you ignore it though, don't you think...?
Yue: ...Mutually ignoring?
31. A question for Akiyoshi. What do you usually do at home?
Akiyoshi: Mainly, studying ayakashi and training.
Tougo: Wouldn't you normally do things like watch TV, or do homework, or sleep?
Akiyoshi: I do those too, but I spend the most time in my own room.
Yue: What kind of studying are you doing?
Akiyoshi: Consolidating all the notes I've collected in my investigations.
Yue: Hmm...It'd be nice if that turns out to be helpful in the future, I guess.
32. How long have you been Tougo's stalker?
Akiyoshi: I've known about Tsubaki since kindergarten, but I'm not a stalker. I'm only watching over him. ...What's that look for?
33. For Akiyoshi-kun. What kind of person is your big sister? Are you alike?
Akiyoshi: People often say we're similar, but I don't see it myself. I don't like how strong-willed she is.
Akitoshi: She used to play with you all the time, when you were little. That girl loved you quite a lot.
Akiyoshi: ...It wasn't anything like love. It was survival of the fittest...
Yue: Hmm, I'd sure like to see her someday--Akiyoshi's sister.
Akiyoshi: Don't say something so foolish, there's no way you're ever meeting her.
Yue: Oh, I see. Do you like her or hate her, I don't really get it.
34. For Yue+Tougo+Akiyoshi+Kurogitsune. What's your favorite cheap snack?
Yue: Shrimp crackers~
Tougo: Occhan squid.
Akiyoshi: Cheap snacks...?
Kurogitsune: The other day I ate this real tasty Yabaibo I got. Yabaibo's amazing, it's seriously delicious!!
35. For Yue+Tougo+Akiyoshi. If the tree of you were participating in a gift exchange, what would you each bring?
Tougo: ...A CD.
Akiyoshi: A hayfever countermeasure set, map included.
Yue: A pretty rock I picked up at the pond behind the shrine~
Kurogitsune: .......It's like you're all sayin' you don't care.
36. For Sagano-san. Please teach me the secret to your orange tower.
Sagano: Stack only as much as you wanna eat.
Kurogitsune: So he eats all the ones he stacks...
Tougo: He hands out the ones he can't eat.
37. Sagano-san, your...where did you get those clothes? It's not what Shin was wearing...I'm a little curious.
Sagano: The clothes I started with were falling apart, so somebody gave 'em to me as I was walkin' around the area.
Yue: ...You can't just do nothing, seeing that, huh...
Kurogitsune: Humans are pretty weird, too...he's suspicious no matter how you look at 'im...it's not a situation where you'd be handin' out clothes.
38. Sagano-san, how many things are you willing to eat with the skin and all?
Sagano: If I can bite it off, I'll eat it. Right, Tougo?
Tougo: I keep telling you they should be properly prepared, don't eat them like that. Sheesh...
Hina: Babies eat things as they are, you know...
Tougo: Is that the issue here...?
39. Sagano-san, when you were staying with the Tsubaki family, where did you sleep? I'd like to know the floor plan in the Tsubaki house, and the maximum capacity for people staying there.
Sagano: I stay in Yaichi's room when he's out; sometimes I borrow Tougo's.
Tougo: We offered an empty room for him to properly live here, though.
Hina: It used to be Dad's room, right? Dad's staying in Mom's room now.
Tougo: It's a one-story house, but it's pretty spacious.
40. Sagano-san, have you found a job yet?
Sagano: ...If being Yaichi's helper once in a while counts.
Yue: Helper?
Tougo: Helping out at his work and stuff. I don't know what sort of work that is, though.
Yue: Ohh...but, doing things like that, he's more handy than I thought??
41. Sagano-san, were you using Akiyoshi in his route? Or were you interested in him?
Sagano: I was thinking of usin' him, but he's pretty interesting. Ain't that right, Akiyoshi?
Akiyoshi: You're cold to me in other routes, though.
Sagano: I could say the same for you, there....Nice of you to say somethin' like that when you're so suspicious of me in every other route.
42. Yue-kun and Sagano-san, what kind of life do you lead after ED1? Do the two of you lead a carefree life at the shrine, or freeload at Tsubaki's house, or....Do you start going to high school or try getting a job (and then quit after 3 days because it's a pain), or--imagining the two of you learning about the world of humans from Tougo and Akiyoshi, it's really the most pleasant thought.
Yue: We laze around at the shrine every day~ But just being like that, it's like everyone says, you kind of want to get up and do something.
Sagano: Everyone sayin' all sortsa stuff every day, it's a pain is what it is. Well, I do owe 'em though, so I'll repay that much at least.
Tougo: ...So to cut to the point, you're job hunting?
Akiyoshi: We can't leave them as someone else's problem, either...
43. For Sato-san. Though you're in assumed forms, Ranchuu still normally cooks meals...I imagine you have some form of living expenses, so how do you earn money?...Am I better off not asking? (shuddering)
Sato: Because this is a shrine, such a task is one of the duties of management.
Kurogitsune: In other words, he'll make it work out somehow, whatever it takes!
Yue: ...???
44. For Sato-san. Please tell us some fun events (or other memorable episodes) from your high school days.
Sato: Well, let's see. In any case, there were quite a few things that greatly interested me...
Mikoto: You were enjoying yourself awfully much, in those days.
Sato: ...Is that how I appeared?
Mikoto: Not that it matters - I am the one who told you to do as you pleased, after all.
Mashiro: (...He might've enjoyed school life, but I think what he enjoyed the most was probably how lonely the Master got, stuck watching the shrine by herself...)
Kagetsu: (Back then, whoever had to keep her company ended up totally tired out...)
45. Sato-san, what happened to your winter school uniform?
Sato: It had gotten beyond repair before I'd graduated, so I was unable to save it.
Abesan-tachi: It was a real surprise when he came home with it all torn up~ "Sato-sama, what have you been doing!?" we said. Right? Ahaha.
46. I'd like to hear about the youthful days of Sato-san and Akitoshi-san's high school life.
Sato: A time like that did happen, didn't it? It was so long ago I've completely forgotten it, haha.
Akitoshi: Isn't that the exact opposite of what you said in question 44...? You're as shameless as ever, Sato.
Sato: Here I'd wanted nothing more than to quietly devote myself to my studies, and yet thanks to you it was quite a turbulent three years.
Akitoshi: That would be because of your sneaking in with that innocent look on your face. I spent those three years constantly in suspense, wondering what you'd do and when...
Sato: Well, I was never bored, thanks to that.
Akitoshi: ...I would have much preferred boredom, I think.
47. Kurogitsune often takes fox form; Miko-sama, do you ever take fox form as well?
Mikoto: Fufu. Of course. I feel the need to relax on my own, every once in a while.
48. Miko-sama, is it okay for you to go to town without a disguise or anything? Or do the people not see you maybe...?
Mikoto: Well now. I am occasionally seen by curious eyes, but I don't mind that so much.
Mashiro: At least hide your tails when you go, I'm begging you.
Kagetsu: But thanks to something called "coss play," people have mostly ignored her these days.
49. Miko-sama, was the flower you gave Akashi special in some way?
Mikoto: That's right. It was special. It is rare that I would give it to others.
50. Mikoto-sama, did you love Sagano-san?
Mikoto: Did I...?
Sagano: Huh? Don't look at me, Flower Freak.
Mikoto: .....There are things I am not fully satisfied with...
Abe-san-tachi: A maiden's mind is a complex thing~
Sato: ...
51. It seems that Yue's meal has a unique method to it; is it the same for Miko-sama and Shin? Or is it just the yorishiro?
Mikoto: Well now. Having it the same way is faster, which is nice.
Shin: Absorbing power works too. It saves energy.
Yue: ...So it's something along those lines, I guess.
52. Ranchuu, what do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies?
Ranchuu: I tend the garden, and read. Despite how it looks, I actually have a good amount of free time.
Kurogitsune: He never joins me when I invite 'im, though.
Ranchuu: That's because I can't physically keep up when I play with you. Honestly, how long are you going to be this childish...
53. For Ranchuu. What would you definitely lose at, in a match against Kurogitsune? It seems like you'd win in most competitions.
Ranchuu: Arm wrestling...
Kurogitsune: Huhh? There's all sortsa other stuff besides that! I'm usually the one on top!
Ranchuu: What are you saying, I'm the better one in reading, writing, and math.
54. Is Ranchuu being targeted by Sennen Cat? I'm guessing he is. Does Ranchuu know?
Ranchuu: ...Could we not talk about that cat?
Kurogitsune: This is the reason he doesn't go out to town very often, y'know.
55. I'm curious about the relationship between Ranchuu and Sennen Cat.
Ranchuu: ...As I said, I'd prefer it if you didn't ask about that cat.
Sennen Cat: ...Nyaa?
Ranchuu: ...H--what are you doing here!!? Don't come any closer!!!
Sennen Cat: Fnyaa...
Kurogitsune: Aah alright alright, don't fight, you guys. Well, this is basically how it goes.
56. What is the person inside Abe-san-tachi like? You're always together, do you ever fight?
Abe-san-tachi: Eehh? I told you~, we don't have anybody else in here~, no waaaay, ahaha.
Kurogitsune: Giving half-baked answers like that every time is getting t'be a pain...
Yue: But you know, every once in a while there's days where he doesn't look so good. Like he's pouting, or something.
Kurogitsune: It's because he doesn't listen to the guy inside that they're gettin' in arguments.
Abe-san-tachi: I saaaiidd, there isn't anybody in there, okay~?
57. Was Yoshiki-san a potential meal for Abe-san-tachi? With how attached Abe-san-tachi was, it must have been because he was a meal...is what I was thinking.
Abe-san-tachi: Eehh? I don't want that, no way~
Kurogitsune: That's how it is.
Yue: .......
58. I'm really curious about Tomori-san's face under that mask! Show us, pretty please!
Tomori: ...It's embarrassing...
59. Is Tomori a boy or a girl!? I'm so curious I can't concentrate! lol
Tomori: ...It's embarrassing... After you went to the trouble of asking, well, I'm sorry.
60. For Abe-san-tachi+Tomori. What would happen if you undressed?
Abe-san-tachi: It'd be something real amazing! Right~?
Tomori: ...It isn't amazing. It's normal.
Abe-san-tachi: Well, I have a problem with calling it normal, though...if you want to see what's inside, come over and see little ol' me, I'll~show~you~
61. A question for the always-cute and beautiful Sacchan and Nacchan. Where do you usually live?
Saku: We pick whichever house we like to sleep in every day. There's lots of them.
Nagi: Calling it a lot is an exaggeration. How many places do we have?
Saku: Of course, our favorite house is near our "territory".
Nagi: We live separately sometimes, as well. There is a limit to how often we're together.
62. Are Saku-san and Nagi-san always together? How close are you?
Saku: We're always here, but sometimes we aren't~
Nagi: I wouldn't say we were close.
Saku: Oh, you too? I was thinking the same thing!
Nagi: There is a meaning to us being together; therefore we are together.
Saku: What she said~
A question for Saku and Nagi. Do you wear other clothes besides the schoolgirl uniforms? If you do, what kind of clothes do you like?
Saku: I like cute things~ I love how human women's clothes keep changing over time!
Nagi: Because Saku is always lightly dressed... I might occasionally try on things I find, is all.
Saku: I wear all sorts of things. You've got a lot of clothes to, Nagi.
Nagi: You have more though, don't you?
Saku: I wonder about that~
64. For Saku-chan. So, is the one you like Sato-san, or Shin, or Akashi?
Saku: I haaate all of them!
Nagi: They're a lineup of people with terrible tastes.
Sato/Sagano/Shin: .......
65. Shin-sama, what do you do inside Yue everyday?
Shin: Hmm. Well, I watch the outside world through Yue. ...That's really all I do though, is watch.
66. A question for Shin-sama. There's a huge gap between how you seem to be when you're chatting with Yue in his dreams, and that stately feeling you give off in those times when you come out. Why is that, exactly?
Shin: Is there? Maybe Yue was off in his translation?
Yue: Ehh, but I gave it exactly how you said it...
Shin: Hm, that's strange.
67. For Shin-sama and Akashi-san. Please tell us about the first Hina-san. As much as you can, if possible.
Sagano: ...She was real annoying, an' she was quick to hit when she got angry. Great cook, though.
Shin: To me, she was a precious being, one I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Even now, she lives on in my heart.
Sagano: .......
Shin: Hmm, that's a scary face. Yue, did I do something to make him angry?
Yue: I'm not really sure, but isn't this something to do with "reading atmosphere"?
Kurogitsune: ...It's more like you guys gotta be a little more sympathetic--actually, why'm I bein' Sagano's backup here...Hina-san totally dominated Shin though, she was a real kind person. An' her food was delicious!
68. I'm curious about how Mashiro-san and Kagetsu-san met.
Mashiro: It's sort of like, we noticed we were the same, and then we were together. Right, Kagecchan?
Kagetsu: More like you kept talking to me and being over-familiar.
Mashiro: Eehh, but that's because you looked so lonely, y'know?
Kagetsu: No way. I'm the one looking after you here.
Mashiro: No no, I'm the one who said I'd take care of you...well, that's how it is.
69. Are Mashiro and Kagetsu always together because rabbits die when they get lonely?
Kagetsu: Idiot, it's for work!!
Mashiro: Our private lives are separate~ Well, not that we get time off all that often!
Kagetsu: I don't wanna see his face on my off days too.
Mashiro: Though saying that, he'll end up coming over somehow or other anyway...Having that for a partner though, I've still got my own life. I'm one of those guys who likes getting some time alone on my off days, y'know?
70. Why are the rabbits afraid of Saku and Nagi?
Mashiro: The only mononoke who aren't afraid of them are Master and Sato-sama! It's common sense for mononoke!
Kagetsu: They're not scary, they're just a pain.
Mashiro: Haha, Kagecchan's acting tough again~ Well, they're pretty cute if you're just looking at them though.
Kagetsu: You've got bad eyes.
Mashiro: Do I? But they're definitely scary, yeah.
71. Doesn't Momiji-san ever get a stomachache?
Momiji: ...i, have......it was pretty, terri, ble...
72. Could we strip it off for a peek?
Momiji: ...no way......pervert...eek...
73. How and where are you hanging from (you're on a string, right?), and how do you move?
Momiji: ...there's a lot...of things...it isn't, just the sky, that's vast...power cables, for example...they're pretty, handy...
74. Of all the things you've eaten so far, Momiji-san, what would you say was the most delicious?
Momiji: ...love...
75. Momiji-san, what do you do to cheer yourself up when you're down in the dumps?
Momiji: ...i don't, tend to get like that, in the first place, but...keep at it, and while you're doing things, it'll gradually, clear up..life, has its ups, and downs, but that's, only natural...with that, thought in mind, momiji-san, does his best...
76. Why are you so cute, Momiji-san!
...thank you......but...you're cute, too, you know...?...so, can i have, a little bite...?
77. For Sennen Cat. Do you have an owner?
Sennen Cat: Nyaa.
Kurogitsune: "I've got one, but he's rarely home," he says. The guy's popular.
78. What would you get if you pull the talisman off Sennen Cat's face?
Sennen Cat: Nyaa!
Kurogitsune: "A beautiful face," he says...you're not supposed to say that about yourself!
Yue: Hehe, he's cute as he is, though.
79. For Yaichi-san. What kind of work do you do? (I imagine it's something like a bar manager, or manual labor.)
Yaichi: Well, I do a variety of things. Up 'til now I've been working as store help. I've worked at a bar before too, of course, as well as manual labor.
Tougo: Which jobs does Akashi help with?
Sagano: ...Somethin' t'do with swingin' a rod around.
Tougo: ...Traffic control...? Is it okay to let him do that?
Sagano: Also, harvesting vegetables and stuff...?
Tougo: ...Yaichi, I don't get it but you've got a real broad skillset...
80. Yaichi-san, were you ever treated as a Meal like your son was?
Yaichi: Hmm, maybe I'm just slow. I never saw quite as many weird phenomenons as Tougo-kun has.
Akitoshi: (...On the subject of Tsubaki Yaichi, it's thanks to Sakura Yoshiki's case and various chance accidents that the man himself has, as if he were constantly under protection, never come to harm. He really is rather slow, though.)
Yaichi: Oh, Akitoshi-san. Is something wrong?
Akitoshi: Mm? No, it's nothing, Yaichi-kun. .....
81. Hina-chan was a baby when she was adopted and is now in kindergarten; will she keep growing normally from this point on? Or will she stay young forever, like Miko-sama?
Hina: I'm still gonna grow~! Ehehe. I wanna grow up fast, so I can be Onii-chan's bride~
Tougo: No, you can't. I keep telling you, siblings can't get married.
Hina: Aaww, why not, I want Onii-chan~
Tougo: That's just for now. Sheesh...
Yue: I wish I could have that...
Akiyoshi: Which part are you saying that about, exactly?
82. Hina-chan, what do you think of Yue-kun?
Hina: .......I like Yue-kun~
Yue: I'm happy, but what was that long pause for?
Kurogitsune: You never know what kids could be thinkin'.
83. Akane-san, in the end, did you like Yaichi-san or Yoshiki-san?
Akane: ...Well now. They're both full'a flaws, so I'd say they're pretty similar. Fufu.
84. For Yoshiki-san. What kind of mask did you wear before the fox mask?
Yoshiki: ...Abe-tachi gave me a, what did you call it...
Abe-san-tachi: Hyottoko. I just happened to find it in the storehouse, ahaha.
Yoshiki: You're terrible, giving me something like that when you knew what it was.
Abe-san-tachi: You didn't care when I gave it though, did you~
85. For Young Man A-kun. Are you breaking? Are you not breaking?
Young Man A: Mmm, which is it, I wonde~r? Maybe I'm breaking~ I don't know eeeiither. Heheh.
For Little Girl A+Young Man A. What sort of relationship do the two of you have?
Little Girl A: ...We're just together, to keep each other company.
Young Man A: We're the saaame, so why don't we, get along~?
Little Girl A: ...I don't mind, as long as you don't, get in my way.
Young Man A: I won't, I wo~n't. We like different things after all~ I want to be together with yoooouu, that's why I'm here~
87. Young Man A-kun. Let's start the Shin-sama Fanclub.
Young Man A: Shin-sama, fan, club...ahah, sounds good~
Kurogitsune: Maybe I should join too...
Yu: Ah, then me too!
Sagano: .......
Akiyoshi: ...That's a terrible look on his face.
88. Are "ayakashi" and "mononoke" different things? Or are they the same? as the two different terms have come up, I'm confused as to which is what...
Kurogitsune: It's mononoke, right. We're mononoke!
Akiyoshi: No, you're ayakashi. What else could you be besides ayakashi?
Yue: In other words, it looks like mononoke think of themselves as mononoke, but humans call them ayakashi.
89. Who is Igo-san?
Tougo: Aside from Igo Igo Recycle! he also sometimes performs in other shows as a commentator. In that outfit.
Akiyoshi: In his official profile, it states that his age is unknown, but he's 181cm and has B-type blood. Also, it seems his main job is a proprietor.
Kurogitsune: Who cares about that stuff! Igo-san's Igo-san, you idiot!!!
Kurogitsune: An' with that, the Q&A's over! Did everybody find out what they wanted to know?
Ranchuu: I suppose we'll get to any unanswered questions someday in the future...
Kurogitsune: No helpin' that. Those guys aren't exactly upfront, so we gotta drag out every single answer.
Ranchuu: I don't think it's your place to be speaking of others here.
Kurogitsune: Huhh!? If we're gonna be like that then you're the one who--!!!
Yue: Uh-oh, they've started yipping and squeaking again. They sure get along well~ But really, thank you to everybody!
Tougo: Don't strain your eyes trying to read all these tiny words. You'll end up like Aki.
Akiyoshi: What's with talking like it's bad to become me, Tsubaki...
Sagano: They've sure got a lotta time t'waste. All of 'em.
Yue: I think you're the last person we all want to hear that from though, Sagano-san. So because of that, well, goodbye everybody~


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