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[matthew cuts down the monster]

Opposing life forms, eliminated. Let us move on.

I was worried as to how we'd fare when I first saw that monster, but as expected, with the specs of a Servant's body you managed a complete victory.

...Though that does not change how scary they are...By the way, Chief. I'd like to ask a question.

The Fuyuki City in our records and the Fuyuki we are in now are much too different. What are your thoughts, on what could possibly have happened to this city?

...A good question. Obviously something in its history went slightly off course. I cannot make any guesses past that. Matthew. And you too, Reine. I won't say this again, so listen closely. Chaldea watches the future through the global model Chaldeas. At the same time, it uses the familiar called Laplace to collect records of the past. You can think of Laplace's job as collecting surface history which is never made public, and secret information buried in darkness. By observing through Laplace, we were able to confirm a special Holy Grail War which occurred in 2004 in this city.

Holy Grail War...? By holy grail, do you mean the grail of legend? With the almighty power to grant its owner's wishes - the famed magic chalice which is said to contain the root of all magic?

Yes, that very grail. The mages of Fuyuki completed their Holy Grail, and summoned seven Heroic Spirits in order to activate it--that was the start of the Holy Grail War. The system for Fuyuki's Holy Grail War was simple. Seven Masters would compete against each other, with the last remaining Master obtaining the Holy Grail. Chaldea gained knowledge of this fact in 2010. Father...I mean, the previous chief originally created our summoning system using that data. That is Chaldea's Heroic Spirit Summoning System - Fate. It's our third invention after Laplace and Chaldeas.

The third? Is the Near Future Observation Lens Shiva something different, then?

That was Professor Lev's invention. Though really it was a joint development with me.

Anyhow, this is the origin ground of Servants. The result ended in Saber's victory. The city should not have been destroyed, and it should have ended without anyone learning of Servant activity. ...And yet it's now become like this. We should think of this as a change resulting from the appearance of the singularity. It is this unusual phenomenon's effects on human history in the year 2004 that caused us to be unable to see a hundred years into the future. Therefore, our mission is to repair this phenomenon. Somewhere in this area is the cause of history's going off-course.

Once we analyze or remove it, our mission will be complete. The three of us will all be able to return to the present day.

Has Chaldea summoned Heroic Spirits before?

Of course we have. It hasn't gone very smoothly though, and we haven't had many successes. According to our data it seems we've only summoned three, but I only know of two of them. The first was when our previous chief was still around. The second and third happened after I became chief. ...The second was the Heroic Spirit who fused with Matthew. You should already know the third. That eccentric living in Chaldea. Leonardo da Vinci.

Ugh, them again...! Rout them, Matthew, Reine!

[after the battle]

...Phew. Battle complete, Master. We managed again this time, don't worry.

Thanks, Matthew.

...Yes. I'm happy to be of help.

......Hey Matthew. I'm just wondering, can you not use your Noble Phantasm?

...It seems that way. I have no idea who the Heroic Spirit is who fused with me, and so I cannot manifest that spirit's trump card--the special art ability called a Noble Phantasm. Reine-senpai. I apologize for being so late to explain this.

Servants are all equipped with a unique special skill called a Noble Phantasm. Each hero's legends and exploits, whether attractive or suspicious, can become their trump card.

However, I cannot skillfully handle my Noble Phantasm. ...I can somehow manage to use the Noble Phantasm itself, but it has a low output, and I cannot exhibit its full potential through releasing the true name. I do not even know what the story behind this weapon could be.


Therefore, you may expect me to be a defective servant, or a junior who has already reached her full potential. While we cannot gain any leads as to information on who the Heroic Spirit is who fused with me, I know that you will continue to grow as a Master, senpai.

That's right. Masters can analyze a Servant's matrix of parameters and skills. Reine...having become a qualified contract holder, you should be able to analyze your Servant Matthew's information. It will be the same with any Servants you contract with after this. First you must know the Servant's true name and Noble Phantasm. The more your Servant trusts you, the more their ability will increase. Well, not that someone like you would have that talent. Your being unable to properly use Matthew is proof of that. Once Chaldea's ley shift function is restored, we'll shift her to a first-class Master. Once that's done you'll be fired from the mission. Amateurs with no combat experience should stay quivering in Chaldea's darkest corners.

You're the one who's been quivering though, Chief Marie...

I have not! Not even a bit! Can't you respect your elders!?

...I'm glad you seem to be gaining a better mutual understanding. Now then, let's move before more enemies arrive.

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