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Everywhere we go, it's burnt ground as far as the eye can see...there's not a single trace of life, either. What in the world happened here...?

What kind of strange phenomenon could cause Chaldeas to turn gray in the first place?...The fact we cannot see the future means humanity is gone...Which means...could it be that this singularity can't be deterred? It's like this place was struck by a bolt of lightning...Considering the variety of different instances of lethal destruction that have dotted human history...maybe we mistook this result for a villain of some sort...

Whoops, Chief's started talking to herself. She can go on for a pretty long time once she gets started. Reine-chan, this area looks safe, so how about taking a short break?

I agree with Doctor. Would you like to eat a ration, senpai?

Thanks. How about you, Matthew? Are you holding up okay?

Am I...are you asking if any problems have come up since I became a Servant?

...Well, um. Fighting is scary, but my body is fine.

You don't have any complaints about becoming a Servant?

...Well...it's hard to really explain how I feel...about having become a fighting machine.

Even if I become able to fly through the air, I still cannot perform my own maintenance. However strong the power I am given, a Master is still necessary for me to keep up the fundamental action that is "to exist".

 ...The rates of risk and return are acceptable, but I can't help feeling sad, thinking I might be a burden on you, senpai.

Whoa! Break time's over folks, I'm detecting life forms in the area!

...! Master, your orders!

[one battle later]

...Phew. What a relief, we made it through again, Master.

You're already doing quite well as a Servant, I see. It isn't scary anymore now, is it, now that you know as much as you do?

That's...I'm not sure. No matter how well I wield the weapon, battle itself is...

Sorry, but you're gonna have to save the chitchat for later! Get outta there as fast as you can, all of you! There's still a reaction on the radar! And this one is--

Wha--is that what I think it is!?

That's a Servant! Don't fight it, guys! It's still too soon for you to be fighting Servants...!

Even if you say that, there's nowhere to run! Fight it, Matthew! You're both Servants, so you'll manage somehow, right!?

.......Yes, ma'am. I'll do my best...!


*gasp, pant* W-we won...I didn't think we'd make it, but we won...

...Sorry Matthew, but you don't have time to rest. Another of the same reaction is coming this way. ...I don't have to tell you what you need to do, right?

What? The same reaction, you can't mean--

Reine! Retreat, immediately! We're getting out of here!

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