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*gasp, pant, wheeze*...Ugh, what's going on!? Why are there Servants here!?

Dr. Roman: I get it...it's a Holy Grail War! This city was going through a Holy Grail War! By all rights the seven Servants summoned in Fuyuki should be killing each other, but that's where something went wrong! It's no wonder there's Servants here without their Masters. Because the Servants' enemies were other Servants to begin with!

...So...as long as I am here, we will be targeted by other Servants...?

But Matthew doesn't have any connection to the Grail! These are just ghosts who've lost all their reason!

.....FrEsH pReY. tHeRe'S nOwHeRe To RuN. gIvE mE, tHe HoLy GrAiL!

Dr. Roman: Servant response confirmed! It's an Assassin!

...! Entering battle! Senpai, use me to your best ability...!

Got it, we'll win this no matter the odds!!

--Yes. I'll give you victory, Master!

[fight fight fight]

Hah--take this...!


...tHeRe - Is - NoThInG - fOr Me To SaY. wAs I - aLoNe - EnOuGh FoR tHiS?

--Matthew, get down!

Dr. Roman: Reine, we've been overtaken! Another one's coming from that direction!

No way...one was hard enough to win against, how are we going to handle two at once!?


i'Ve DeCiDeD - lAnCeR. i Do NoT kNoW wHeRe ThIs SeRvAnT cAmE fRoM, bUt ThErE's No MiStAkInG hEr.

--hA. hAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhA!

Dr. Roman: Chief, Matthew, hold on...! You can't freeze up now!

Fou, Foou!

--hA. hAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhA!

Dr. Roman: Dammit, they're both overwhelmed...give your orders, Reine-chan! You're the only one still calm!

At this point, we've got no choice but to fight!

...Understood. There is no other option...!

hA. sO iMmAtUrE, sO iNeXpErIeNcEd. On OnE hAnD fIgHtInG mEaNs DeAtH, oN tHe OtHeR rUnNiNg Is UsElEsS. wHaTeVeR tHe PaTh YoU cHoOsE - tHe NoViCe'S fInAl MoMeNtS aRe UnSiGhTlY.

tHaT iS gOoD. tHe StRuGgLe Is GoOd. UnSiGhTlY cReAtUrEs ArE aMuSiNg!

A-are you sane!? However you look at it there's no way you can win this, is there!?

...Be that as it may, all we can do is fight. We will find life in this fatal situation...!

hA--yOu'Re DeAd, GiRl...!

???: I thought it was a little girl over here, but it looks like you might actually be a soldier. Guess I can't just ignore this, then.

[the shadows get smacked!]

nUrGh...! WhO's ThErE...!?

You can tell that just by looking, can't you, comrade? What, are you so covered in mud that your eyeballs are rotting?


dAmN yOu, CaStEr! WhY - dO yOu SiDe - WiTh ThE dRiFtErS...!?

Huh? Because they're a better choice than you, obviously. These kids look like they've got promise, too. Hey you, the girl with the battle pose. If you've got skill then you can't lose to these guys. Stay strong and you might get some unexpected results.

Y...yes sir, I'll do my best!

I'm guessing you're her Master? Then I'll leave the orders to you. We're on the same side against these guys, after all. I won't say the "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," but you can rely on me for now. In light of that girl over there who's been fighting bravely by herself all this time, you can call me your Servant under a provisional contract!

[battle again!]

gRk--DaMn YoU, wE wErE sO cLoSe, To ThE hOlY gRaIl--

[the shadow servants disappear]

Er, um...thank you, very much. You saved us in a tight spot...

Yeah, good work out there. I've got no problem helpin' you that much, so don't worry about it.

You should be worrying about yourself right now, not me. That Assassin was chasin' your ass pretty hard, wasn't he?


Oh, it looks like your body's doin' just fine, he must've been a real bad shot! Good, good.

I've got no idea what Class you are, but judging by how firm you are--maybe Saber? Then again, you don't have a sword.

...Just a minute, Reine. What do you think of that man?

He's a pervy old man with too much free time on his hands.

Let's listen to what he's got to say, at least. He seems like a decent sort of heroic spirit to me.

Oh, we have someone quick to the chase here. What are you? Is that magic you're contacting us with?

It's a pleasure to meet you, Servant Caster. We do not know which Heroic Spirit you may be, but we regard you with both respect and awe--

Alright, that's enough of the introductory talk. I'm tired of hearing it. Just skip ahead to talking business, weakling. That sort of thing should be your specialty, right?

Ugh...I-I see, I'll make it quick then. ...Weak...I was called a weakling on the first meeting again...


...And that's our situation with Chaldea. Reine is currently conducting fieldwork in the position of Master. Just to make sure, as a Servant in the Holy Grail War going on in this city, you're the sole survivor, aren't you?

I haven't lost just yet, you mean. I'm not sure when it happened, but our Holy Grail War's changed into something else entirely. I don't know the details. The city was covered in flames overnight, the people disappeared, and the only things left here were Servants. The one who restarted the Grail War to begin with was Saber. They've been rampaging around like it's their natural element. It's by Saber's hand that Archer, Lancer, Rider, Berserker, and Assassin were all defeated.

A battle of survival between seven Servants...that was the rule of this city's Grail War, I believe.

So you managed to advance to the next round...no, to be more accurate you're the Servant who survived.

That's right. And the defeated Servants are just like those two from earlier, dyed pitch black with that polluted mud. They've teamed up with those monsters that popped up like maggots, and all started searching for something or other. On top of that, I've been lumped together with whatever they're searching for. The war's not over 'til I'm taken down, after all.

So the only remaining Servants are you and Saber...which means if you defeat Saber--

Yeah, this city's Holy Grail War would be over. I don't know if that'd turn this situation back to normal or not, though.

I see now. So your helping us was really just for your own gain, in the end. You want to defeat Saber. But as you don't have a chance of success fighting on your own, you set your sights on us...am I right?

You hit the nail on the head. It's not a bad negotiation though, is it? Anyhow--look, some guests have appeared.


There's just no end to these guys. With that many allies, they probably think there's nothing they can't just brute force their way through!

[another battle]

Phew...things have finally settled down. It's certainly difficult to hold a proper conversation under these conditions.

Sorry 'bout this. I'd've been able to take down that Saber with a single stab, if I'd been summoned as a Lancer. Bein' a Caster really doesn't suit me. I can't take on the Fuyuki Grail War as a Caster, 's what I'm saying.

So if you were a Lancer...?
So being a Caster is basically playing on Extreme difficulty...?

That sort of thing does happen, senpai. There are those among the Heroic Spirits who possess the required traits for multiple classes. If this man has skill with a spear, as well as being a mage, I would consider him a high-level Heroic Spirit. ...This is no more than a guess, but he must be one of the top Servants. I think he was mentioned in Vivian, too.

There you have it. You said you're Masters from that Chaldea group, but...well, knowing that much should be fine. It's an ironclad rule for Servants, see, that we don't have too much to do with affairs outside of our own era. You need to remember we're working with you as your weapons, nothing more. Your goal is to investigate this abnormality. My goal is to put an end to the Holy Grail War. Our interests align. So how about we shake on a nice, friendly partnership?

...That would be the logical decision to make. But in that case, who would be your Master?

It'd be that little lady there, right? You don't have the aptitude for it. Hey, that's a pretty curious thing, actually. The quantity and quality of your magic circuits are both top-grade, you just don't have the Master aptitude. Is that some sorta curse?

Don't annoy me over such a trivial thing, it doesn't matter at all!

Reine, I'm leaving him in your hands. Use him well.

So that's decided then. The contract's limited to this city, but I'll be relying on you as far as that. Now that we're done with the negotiations, what comes next is confirming your objective. What you're looking for is the Greater Holy Grail, no mistaking it.

The Greater Holy Grail...? I've never heard of that, what is it?

It's the true "heart" of this land. If there's a singularity or whatever here, it can't be anything other than that. But the Greater Holy Grail's sitting tight with that Saber bastard now. Along with the remaining Servants polluted by them.

The ones that remain are Berserker and Archer, correct? Tell us about those two. Are they powerful?

You can handle Archer as long as you've got me here. The problem's Berserker. That guy's a monster even Saber would have trouble with. He won't attack unless we approach 'im though, so ignoring him's a possibility too.

I understand the situation now. We will be aiming for the Greater Holy Grail together with Mr. Caster here. Mr. Caster, can we trust you to guide us?

You can cut out the 'mister' part. I'll show you guys the way, and the little lady will decide when we attack.

You're a real help, sir. Then why don't we restart our exploration? Good luck out there, Reine-chan.

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