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Wait a moment, Reine. Do you see Kyrielight there? She's obviously depressed. You're her Master for the time being, aren't you? So do something about it.

Did something happen, Matthew?

...! No, Master, nothing particular has changed, I'm functioning normally!

It's just...you could say that lack of change, is in fact the problem...

...Um. Under your guidance, I've gained more than enough experience to attempt a trial run. And yet...I still can't use my Noble Phantasm. I don't even know how to use it - it's like I'm a defective Servant...


Aah, so that's what she was worrying about. Matthew's got a really strong sense of duty, after all...

But I don't think that's something you can learn in the space of a day. It's a Noble Phantasm, right? If it just took a day or two for you to be able to use a Heroic Servant's trump card, that'd be a real blow to all the other Servants' pride--

Huh? It's only natural you'd be able t'use it that fast. Heroic Spirits and Noble Phantasms're basically the same thing, after all. If the little lady can fight as a Servant, she should be able to use a Noble Phantasm around then too. If you can't use it for some reason, maybe you've just got somethin' blocking your magical power. Lessee, is it willpower? Maybe you just gotta flip that switch? How about you just practice yelling real loud for now?

Really!? IS THAT RIGHT!?


Hey, don't just start yelling out of the blue like that! You're going to blow my eardrums out!

Ah...I'm very sorry, Chief. But Caster-san said yelling would help...

Well uh, it was more like an example, but...well anyway, it's good to see you're motivated.

Reine. You heard the girl. You don't mind takin' a break from your job for a bit, do you?

You'd better not tease our pure, innocent Matthew.

Hey, it's just a crash course is all. It won't take too long. I'm a Caster right now, right? So you can leave any kinda cures to me. First off...yeah, just gimme a minute. Gonna draw up this bad luck rune, aaaand....there we go.

Eh? What are you doing? Why are you engraving a rune on my coat?

You're the one most able to handle gettin' hunted down here, right? Look, here they come.

I don't know what you're talking about--!?

C-Chief, get behind me! You too Senpai, please prepare for battle...!

Alright, looks like we've gathered a good number here.

What it comes down to here, is that Noble Phantasms are part of your instinct as a Heroic Spirit. You'll have trouble gettin' it out if you're half-hearted about it.

Therefore, what we gotta do first is get you to use up all your energy, in spirit and body! I'm really on the ball, here!

Are you an idiot-!?

[insert battle]

I'm at, my limit...continuing any more battles beyond this, is---I'm sorry, Caster, san...I cannot make it, through willpower alone; please teach me, a more reasonable theo--

I don't get it. Maybe I miscalculated with her.

Oh well, what happens'll happen. Alright, I'll be your next opponent. Since I'm your ally there's no need to hold back or anything. I'll go all out too, an' aim to kill Reine.


What are you talking about, have you gone insane!? What does Reine have to do with this training session, if anything!?

The Servant's problem is the Master's problem too. Didn't I mention that same boat deal? You understand though, right, Reine? The moment the little lady falls is the moment you die.

...! Master...get back, please...! I will...I will not drag you down...!

That's the spirit. Alright then, time for an honest fight between Servants!



Yeah, it's almost over! I'll burn everything out!

My sorcery is a cage of flame, a green giant like unto a bush of thorns. Just retribution, a shrine to cleanse the evil of human affairs--

The destroyer, Wicker Man! Now, return them to the earth, regardless of good or evil--!

[flames everywhere!]


(If i don't protect them...if I can't use it, they'll all disappear--I don't care if it's just an imitation. It's fine if it only appears this once. I...if I don't use it, everyone will die--!)

Aah, aaaaaahhhh--!!!!

[fwoosh! flash! the fire's gone?]

Ah...did I...deploy, my Noble...Phantasm...?

*whistle* I thought I might take out one life at least, but who'd've thought the Master and company would all get out scot-free?

Congratula--no, that's not right. I should be praising you, Reine. The little lady who became your Servant is a top-notch Heroic Spirit, without a doubt.

Senpai...just, now, I...!

Yeah. You were amazing, Matthew.


Fou, fooooouu!

...I never thought Matthew would be able to release her Noble Phantasm so soon, this is a real surprise. She was never very mentally strong before...

That just means you read her wrong. The little lady's one of those - a protector. There's no point trying to teach a bird to swim, right? When it comes to birds, what you gotta teach them is how to fly high.

But still...it's incomplete unless you learn the true name.

Ah...yes. I'm able to use my Noble Phantasm now, but I still don't know its true name, or the name of my Heroic Spirit...

...That's right. Even if you're inexperienced...even if you're a Servant in name only...your wish still opened up your Noble Phantasm, Matthew. Even if you acquire the true name, making the choice...you never had the slightest desire to become a Heroic Spirit. That is why the Noble Phantasm responded to you. Aah, what a very moving tale this is. You might just think it was a fairy tale.

Um, Chief...

I'm just being sarcastic, don't mind me. Your being able to use the Noble Phantasm is something to celebrate. But it's inconvenient to use without a true name. I'll think of a good spell for you. It's something like a pseudo-Noble Phantasm, so...I know, you can call it Lord Chaldeas.

Chaldea is a name that holds meaning for you too. It's a good spell for activating your spirit base, don't you think?

Y-yes...! Thank you very much, Chief!

Lord Chaldeas...yeah, that's works. It fits Matthew perfectly!

Now that it's come to this, it's human nature that you'd want to try it out, right? Caster, could I ask you to be Matthew's opponent for this?

Sure, I'm game. I was going easy on her earlier, and she blocked me completely. As her senior, I'll drill her on the fundamentals of the Noble Phantasm. Are you prepared, Reine, Little Lady?

Yes! Please teach me well!

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