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Gilles: Valentine chocolate...I see. Thank you for giving a present to such a worn and battered man as me. ...I must needs offer something in return, I believe. If I were back in France, I could have offered a great amount of gold, silver, and jewels, but...

1. That's a whole lotta treasure!
2. Show some restraint, please.

Gilles: ...! That's right, there is something I can offer! Please wait just a moment.

[fade to black]

Gilles: Here it is. Well then, take this.

What's this...?

Gilles: This is a Jeanne Fan club bulletin magazine.

jeanne fan club

Gilles: Yes, a complete report containing not just the normal saint, white saint, black saint, young saint, and high school saint, but also the golden version who only ever made one appearance. It has a complete grasp of what sort of life the young maiden called Jeanne d'Arc led, what sort of influences she followed, what foods she likes what foods she dislikes what sort of routine her daily schedule puts her through this book could surely be called a gem in Lord Blackbeard's words "We definitely ain't talkin' about

a thin book here, see?" which is an appraisal I can't honestly say I understand but putting that aside I put all my energy into the making of this volume and I managed in collaboration with Lord Tesla to successfully add an interview with Miss Heroine X to the end of the book plus the preface has gravure pictures which were obtained with the help of Ladies Anne and Mata Hari who had caught sight of a dispirited Jeanne saying "I didn't get to go to the ocean last year...even though I had secured a swimsuit for the occasion," and being unwilling to let this go unnoticed had forced her to wear the swimsuit and taken pictures it's truly miraculous according to the young lady saint "If I became an adult would I look like that too!? I would, right!? Yes!" thus praising this rare article of beauty in her own--

[suddenly he starts shaking!]

Gilles: Owowowowow my neck! My head is going to come off!

Jeanne: Yes, because I am pulling it off.

Gilles: Oohh Jeanne! Please forgive my silence on this matter!

Jeanne: ...I am very pleased to hear that you are interacting positively with the other Servants, but...I believe it's time to gather everyone together for a short lecture!

[she drags him off the screen]

Gilles: THIS----IS---OUT----RAG----EEOOUUSSS---!

1. ...I'll wait.
2. I've lost a valuable knight...

Gilles de Rais (Saber)'s Valentines return gift.

A Jeanne Fan Club bulletin magazine.
"I told you all those different versions of me aren't going to come out like some big catch!"
is the white saint's comment.
However, kamikaze and high school student and such versions still remain to be seen, don't they?


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