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The Holy Grail's in here. It gets a wee bit complicated from here on, so try not to get lost.

It looks like a natural cave system...did this also exist in the original Fuyuki?

It seems so. This cave is half-natural, half-artificial. It's a workshop which some magus might have spent many long months and years expanding underground. That aside, Servant Caster. There is something important you have yet to confirm. Do you know the true name of Servant Saber? You talk as if you've faced each other quite a few times.

Yeah, I know it. Anyone would know it after getting hit with that Noble Phantasm once...it leads you right up to their true identity. That Phantasm's taken down other Servants, it's too damn powerful.

A powerful Noble Phantasm...how so?

It's partner to the sword in a stone which chose a king. In your time it's an incredibly famous holy blade. Its name is--

Servant: Excalibur. King of swordsmen and highest of honors, the blade wielded by King Arthur.


Servant Archer...!

Oh hey, so the faithful devotee shows up right when I say the words. You're still stuck on protecting the holder of that holy sword, I see.

...Hmph. I don't remember ever making this a religion. I'm just turning away a few uninteresting visitors, you see.

In other words, you're the doorman. I don't know what you're protecting Saber from, but I'm settling things here. A game that goes on to eternity gets pretty boring, wouldn't you say? So for better or worse, I've gotta advance my piece on the board.

Judging by what you've said, I'm guessing you've got the basic gist of what's going on. You know the situation and yet your desire just grows stronger...it looks like your character's the same, even as a magus. I'm going to literally beat you into shape with this sword.

Ha, interesting choice of words from a bowman--hey, what're you standin' around for, little lady? Our opponent is Archer. I can't keep up my chants without your shield up front.

Ah...y-yes, sir! I'm sorry, I'm not sure why I let my guard down.

I can do this, no problem. If it's protection you want, you can leave it to me!


You really thought of everything, Magus of Flowers...! I never thought that Noble Phantasm--could be used in such a way...!

[the shadow servant fades away]

That's right, go on, disappear with no regrets. The little lady and I are gonna capture that Holy Sword.

...I'm glad you have faith in me, but can I really defend against it? It's...the famed holy sword of King Arthur. It feels like this is beyond my level; my fingers shake just thinking about it.

At times like that, you've just gotta put on a brave face and weather your way through the storm. But y'know, in my opinion your compatibility's pretty much perfect for the job.

That shield won't break. If we lose, it'll be the fault of the girl holdin' it up. If your hand lets go of that shield, your Master behind you will evaporate in the blink of an eye. You hear me? You don't have to think you're gonna win against the holy sword. Just think of protecting your Master, nothing else.

That sorta thing's your specialty, isn't it?

Anyway, yeah. Leave bringing down Saber to me; you could say we're each doing what we want to do.

...Yes, sir. I'll definitely take your advice to heart.

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