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Precis: Aaallright, let's go~!

[she gets as far as the door]

Precis: Oh right! Everybody pay attention, okay?

[you got a teleporter! it looks like a generic star ocean rabbit..]

Precis: This teleporter can send us back to the ship anytime we want! It'll also register any place we visit to the warp system in the next room! Anytime you're in a pinch, just use this and you'll be back in a jiffy!

[you also get a bestiary!]

Precis: This bestiary is an electronic dictionary that catalogues the data for all the monsters we meet. You can use Chisato's Photography skill to enter their images, and Noel's Enemy Analysis skill to register their parameters. Use those skills well and this adventure'll be a piece of cake~ Right then, good luck everybody!

Chisato: Hey. By the way, where are we going from here?

Precis: Good question. First, we gotta gather information about this planet. How about we investigate whether there's anybody living here~?

Celine: Sounds good to me. Let's go with that plan, then.

[on the next screen a boy runs in just as the party enters, stares at them for a moment, then runs away]

Precis: ....

Chisato: That was a person...let's go after him!

Chisato: Where'd he go?

[they look around]

Celine: Did he disappear?


Precis: Huh?

Precis: Was it just my imagination?

[the kobold runs up behind them!]


[fight fight fight]

Precis: So there's monsters on this planet, too...

Precis: Hey, that's-!

[the kobold won't let the kid escape!]

Precis: Watch out!




Precis: Are you okay? No injuries or anything?

Kid: I-I'm fine! Thanks for saving me!

Precis: Phew, that's a relief~

Kid: ...Hey, um. [?] Are you guys adventurers?

Precis: Huh? [...] I guess we're something like that, yeah~

Kid: Really!? That's awesome!! Hey, hey, you should come to my house!! You saved my life and all, so if I don't thank you I'll be in for a real scolding from Gramps!

[the kid heads for the city gates]

Kid: Come on, over here~ Hurry up, let's go~

Precis: Maybe this Gramps guy could tell us about this planet! Are you going to take us to see your grandpa?

Kid: Yeah! Come on, it's this way!

Grandpa: Thank you for saving my grandson... His mischievousness truly worries me sometimes. Now, Lant! You must properly give these people your thanks!

Lant: Uuugh, I got it already... [a pause] Thanks!

Precis: Be careful from now on, okay~!

Lant: Okay! I promise I'll be careful!

Grandpa: I really am sorry about him. By the way...may I ask what brings you out to a border village like this one? People used to come from far and wide to see the Mile Ruins, but...there's nothing left to find there now. We used to find all sorts of Gifts there too, back in the day...

Precis: Hey, could I ask a question? What do you mean by "Gifts"?

Grandpa: What's this! You've never heard of Gifts!? Gifts are the many items created by an ancient civilization, with the power to do things we could never hope to imagine doing with today's symbological artes. For example, steel soldiers called Guardians which can move and think for themselves, or Warp Gates which can send you back and forth to all sorts of places in the blink of an eye. I've heard there is even a "vehicle that takes you to the stars." [the team goes !] Items like these are what we call Gifts.

Precis: Hey, wait a minute. Is there really a "vehicle that takes you to the stars," like you said?

Grandpa: Sadly, it's only something I've heard - I can't tell you whether or not it's true... My apologies... [pause] Perhaps if you go to a bigger city, you might find information on the subject. I'm sorry to say, though, that this village's eastern exit is currently blocked by debris; no-one can head out that way at the moment. If someone used a Bomb to clear the way, though...

Precis: Bombs, huh~ Are there any around here?

Grandpa: There aren't, but...perhaps...there might be some in the Mile Ruins... However, a horribly fiendish monster recently settled there, and so it's become much too dangerous for anyone to go!

Precis: Alright, then we'll go defeat that monster for you!

Grandpa: But this opponent is quite powerful!

Lant: Gramps! It'll be fine~! They're strong, so they'll beat it up, no problem~

Grandpa: Hmmm... [pause] I just can't condone it. [pause] ...is what I'd say, but I don't believe I could stop you... Do be careful, though... Ah yes, there isn't much else I can do, but I can offer my home as an inn while you are here. Lant would be delighted if you'd accept, as well. Please, feel free to use our facilities as much as you'd like.

Precis: You're a really good guy, Gramps! Alright, don't mind if we do!

Grandpa: Well then, how about you retire for the day right now?

Lant: Yeah! Stay with us!

Grandpa: Ho ho ho, now don't reject a child's pleas...

[next day]

Grandpa: Did you rest well? The Mile Ruins are just north of this house. Take care now...

Lant: Bye! Good luck!!

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