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Shopkeep: Welcome! You're in luck, kid. I've only got one of these left! It's junk though, so you can have it for free!

[got a bunnycom! guess what it looks like!]

Shopkeep: That's a Gift I picked up in the Mile Ruins. No idea how to use it, though.

Bowman: Yo! Doin' well?

Precis: I'm just fine! By the way, what're you doing here, Mister Bowman?

Bowman: What am I doing, you ask? I'm looking for herbs in this area. If there's anything usable then I'll be able to make medicine out of 'em. My initial results say the plants here are all about the same as the ones on Expel. That means I can use them as medicinal herbs. You should leave the herb-picking to me, though. They might be about the same, but you never know, right? Speaking of which, since you're here, I'll give you these.

[you got thyme, rosemary, lavender, polypore, mandrake, and artemis leaf!]

Bowman: Here's some of the herbs we can find on this planet. There might be others around, too. ...Anyway, we've gotta put our strengths together if we wanna get off this planet. Let's do our best, everybody!

Kid: Grandpa told me to go get herbs for him, but it's a pain so I'm playing hooky. [he sees the herbs we got from bowman] Oh! That's artemis leaf! Hey, hey, gimme one of those, pleease! I'll trade you something really cool for it~ Come on, whaddaya say?

Precis: ...

[> give it]

Kid: Yaaay! Thank yoouuu~!! Alright, here's the thing I promised!!

[you get an all-purpose knife!]

Kid: Thanks a bunch~!!
[temporarily kicking precis out of the party...]

Precis: Hmm... It doesn't look like there's anything here I can fix the ship with... Looks like we'll just have to find the parts ourselves, after all! Yeah!

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