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Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino【あかやあかしやあやかしの】
HaccaWorks' second visual adventure game.
In kanji it's written as "赤や灯や妖の". Abbreviated as "Akaaka". As the title is long and hard to say, it often gets confused in a variety of ways, like "Akaya Akashiya Akashiyano".
The truth is, even the staff had trouble remembering it.

The ruin of what once were mononoke who, unable to properly decide on their own "Meals", gluttonously devoured humans at random. As the number of Meals increases, they lose their original forms, and their minds begin to decay.
This situation came about after Shin turned Utsuwa into a town of shadows. Perhaps because of that, the akujiki look similar to shadows themselves. The line that separates a mononoke from an akujiki is whether or not they can suppress that desire for Meals.

Akiyoshi's nickname. Tougo, annoyed at his stubborn refusal to be called by his family name, started calling him that on the spot. Akiyoshi seems more than happy with the name.

A mononoke serving under Mikoto. His true form is a centipede.
In charge of selling fortunes at the Utsuwa Shrine, his hobby is getting people to pull the fortunes he made himself. While he looks like a "Helping Hands" comedy duo, he insists there's nobody inside. As he happens to like cute girls, he has plenty of Meal experience. Because his range of preference is so wide, he won't become an akujiki no matter how much he eats. As an aside, the "Meals" that Abe-san (the front one) talks about hold a double meaning. Children wouldn't understand.
While he's generally not the type to hold any interest in others, he had an unusually friendly relationship with Yue's predecessor, Yoshiki.

A majority of the characters in Akaaka love sweet things. There's way too many people with sweet teeth. If asked which they prefer, Yue and Sato prefer traditional Japanese sweets (though they'll happily eat western sweets if offered). Kurogitsune and Akiyoshi prefer western sweets.

Another name for mononoke.
Mononoke is the proper dictionary definition, if you try to look them up.

Akiyoshi with his glasses and mask removed. A (human) salaryman who appears in the game also used the term to refer to Sagano. It's whispered among the staff that Akiyoshi is the most handsome of all the characters, but in the game itself there's not a single instance in which both his glasses and mask are removed. On top of that, even in the unlikely event that the seasons changed and he could remove them, his unfortunate behavior wouldn't be any different. By the way, script-wise the hunks in this game include not just Akiyoshi and Sagano, but Sato-san as well.

Igo Igo Recycle【イゴイゴリサイクル】
A children's TV show boasting huge popularity in the town of Utsuwa. See the visual guide for details. Every morning the 15-minute episodes follow the same process of first destroying something, then remaking it, then finally destroying the thing again. When will Igo-san be able to reach the realm of gods on which he has set his sights?

A mysterious gentleman who appears on Igo Igo Recycle. He wears a tuxedo and cotton gloves, and carries a walking stick. It's unknown what he looks like under the mask. He has a manly disposition, playful but a little high-strung (according to the show's information guide). He resembles Shin in a Kurogitsune-esque manner.

A character working as Igo-san's assistant on Igo Igo Recycle. He's popular as the show's mascot, and has a lot of character goods - stuffed toys and the like. In the game, Suzuki has an Igon-kun keychain on his schoolbag, and Kurogitsune wants an Igon-kun plush he sees at a target stall at the festival. Because of his high popularity, there's also a lot of fakes and knock-offs on the market as well.

The sweeper pair, Mashiro and Kagetsu. These characters caused an unprecedented number of disputes during the creation process. There were actually a few years' worth of discussion over their design and the meaning behind their existence, before we finally settled with the characters we have today. Nobody talks about the fact we left their character models in the prototype scenario until it was too late to change them.
The two of them give off the feel that it's just not right if they aren't both there, but as a duo they probably don't match up to Saku and Nagi (strength-wise).

The song that starts "Akaya akashiya ayakashino~". The song was invented by the chief priest of the Utsuwa Shrine around 200 years ago, when Akashi was still alive and well. Hina (past) learned it from the priest, and the succeeding generations of Tsubaki women have been singing it ever since. It carries in its lyrics the desire for those who have disappeared to return.
The Tochika family borrowed the song as well, having been fond of the sacrificed Akashi. (This was according to the wishes of Hina (past) and the Shin in Akashi's body.)

The fictional town that sets the scene for our story. It extends out from the foot of the mountain where the Utsuwa Shrine lies.
After Shin stopped the shadows some hundreds of years ago, the entire town was spirited away, cut off from the outside world. (Because of that, it seems they accomplished their own unique economic development.)
As it's become a shadow town in the story, day never arrives; in the morning the sky begins to look like that of evening, and once it turns to night the day ends. (However, this does not extend to the Utsuwa Shrine grounds, where Mikoto's powers are at work.) Before recorded history, there were only animals (mononoke) in the land of Utsuwa; to Mikoto and the others, the ever-increasing human population was an invasive species, and they could never quite get rid of the idea of them as desecrating their land. On the other hand, both as "Meals" and as something they've learned to coexist with, they also harbor a feeling akin to love for these creatures.

Utsuwa Shrine【空環神社】
A shrine on Utsuwa's mountain. It's become a home for mononoke including Mikoto. It was once under human management, but when the chief priest of the time (mentioned in the Song entry) disappeared about 150 years ago, it was Mikoto's idea for Sato to take over the shrine office. In Akashi's time, it was a playground for orphans.
Because the shrine grounds are under Mikoto's powers, morning and night pass normally. The four seasons are mixed together as well, leading to warm weather all year round. However, due to sustaining the effect of shadows around the shrine entrance, where humans come and go, Mikoto's power is slightly weaker there.

Tougo gets 10,000 yen a month, and Akiyoshi gets 5,000. Tougo uses his to buy just one CD a month, and saves the rest; Akiyoshi tends to spend most of his on allergy medication and goods. While we're on the subject, Kurogitsune gets extremely rare 5-to-50 yen tips from Sato-san for helping out.

A natural phenomenon, shadows appear at the halfway point between the world where morning and night go around normally (the surface) and the world of shadows (the other side), continually going around these worlds at irregular times. They affect time as well. Having been eaten by shadows, Utsuwa was erased from the surface world, and flipped to the other side instead. Having been erased from the surface world meant that Utsuwa became an area which had never existed in the first place, and no-one noticed it had disappeared. If the shadows leave the area, it will return to the surface world as if nothing had happened.
As shadows allow mononoke to move freely, making it easier to hunt humans, Shin tied the shadows to the town of Utsuwa himself, in order to help those of his people who were too weak to obtain Meals otherwise.

One of Sato's newest subordinates. A gray rabbit.
Conducting secret activities as a city sweeper, he basically deals with the overabundance of akujiki, but the truth is he really does clean the streets as well. His special weapon is a western-style umbrella.
Looks calm and collected, but actually has a short temper and a narrow worldview. Typical example of an arrogant and condescending man. He's a cynical glasses-wearing character, but the picture of him standing with his back turned has a sort of influence as well, like your consciousness will be stolen by another part of him aside from the glasses.











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