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mile ruins 1st floor

Priestly Man: There's a door in this dungeon that requires a special key to open. Speaking of which, it seems some idiot lost it in the ruins recently.

2nd floor

An old diary...it looks like something's written here.

"April 17
It's been 6 days since then...
It's all over...
The world's been destroyed because of that thing.
Is there anyone still alive out there?
There's no way for me to check.
Any number of people, even just one...please stay alive."

[also in this room: the mile key!]

1st floor stairwell

An old vending machine...it looks like it's still working.
O Kick it as hard as you can
X Gently and carefully stroke it

[kicking it gives you sour syrup! stroking it gives you ? jam, which is ultra-rare, but useless]

3rd floor

An old vending machine...it's barely working...
X Press a button
O Tackle it

[tackling it gives a source fairy, which can be used in enchantment! pressing a button gives nothing at all]

Lant: Hehehe. I followed them.

Lant: Uh-oh!

[the group leaves the room]

Lant: Phew~ that was a close one. Alright, let's go!

[he runs off the screen after us!

and then i went back to town because i was dying]

Grandpa: Oh, it's you. Do you know where Lant has gone? He's run off somewhere again...what a troublesome boy. If you happen to see him, please tell him to come home.

mile ruins 4th floor

It's some sort of lever...pull it?
> Yes

[everything shakes!]


[lant runs away again! let's ignore him and wander to a different part of this floor!]

Dias: I managed to get this far, but...it looks like I've found a dead end.

Ashton: By the way, Dias - have you been training lately? I feel like I've gotten a lot weaker.

Dias: Hmph...despite what you may think, I still make sure to move my body every day. I won't get as weak as you.

Ashton: Ugh...but y'know, Dias, you're still getting weaker than you were in your heyday!

Dias: That's true...there's no denying I'll get weaker with age. If the two of us don't work hard on recovering our battle senses, we'll be taken down in the blink of an eye.

Ashton: R-right...

Dias: ? Something wrong?

Ashton: I didn't expect you to have such an honest answer, it's kinda hard to reply...

5th floor

Some guy: Gugyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

[and then he comes flying in from the next room!]

Green: B-be careful...There's a terrible monster in there...

Fighter: S-so strong...nobody told me it was gonna be that strong...Damn it...

Samurai: There's a child farther in...

Lant: Aah! S-save meeeee!

Precis: Whoa, you've really done it now...

[defeat the grigori!]

Precis: Yay! That was a piece of cake! [it wasn't chisato's dead precis you're so mean]

Lant: *snifflesniffle* Thank you~! I thought I was gonna be a goner...

[there's an anger sign over precis's head!]

Lant: S-sorry...I won't do it again...

Precis: You'd better not!

Lant: Uh-huh...Ah! I can go back by myself though~ Seeya!!

[one of the treasure chests in this room had a bomb in it! the hallway outside had a crack in it!]

It's some sort of lever...pull it?
> Yes

[everything shakes!]


[also: the skull-filled boss room was the elevator all along!]

6th floor

Wel~come, let's play a game~

[checking the top lever, it has "Let's try!" written on it...if you pull it:]

What will happen will you pull these three levers? Bet you can't wait to find out~

O--: Welcome to the west roo~m!

It's an old notebook. It's just barely readable.
"A report on...
They possess incredibly powerful...abilities.
Before them, our...might as well be nothing at all.
On top of that, their civilization is..."
The rest is unreadable...

-O-: Congra~tulati~ons!

[you get silver!]

--O: Go on and step in~to to the southern room!

Welcome to the Room of Destiny~ Which lever will you pull? Think lo~ng and hard~

[pick a lever]
Will you pull this lever~?
> Yes
You're sure this is the one you want~?
> Yes
If you say so~

[left lever gives you armor with a hole in it ("there's a hole in the chest!? this thing's useless!!"), right lever gives you a silver earring...back to the previous room!]

OO-: S~o happy~ [round shield]

O-O: S~o happy~ [500 fol]

-OO: S~o lucky~ [sandals]

OOO: Aa~ww, I don't know about tha~t. [a bunch of enemies appear]

Grandpa: Everyone! Thank goodness you're safe...and you have my sincerest thanks. You've saved this child twice now...

Lant: Sorry...

Grandpa: I'm sure the boy will settle down a little, after what happened this time. Which reminds me - it seems the village shop is now selling Bombs. If you use those Bombs, you should be able to reach the Rupert Jungle. Inside that sea of trees lies a town called Abba City. It's known as a merchant town, so you should be able to find all sorts of information there. The Rupert Jungle is south of this house. Just follow the path after you destroy the debris. Good luck. I pray that you will find that vehicle which takes you to the stars...

Lant: I'll be good, too!

Grandpa: Well, then, everyone - take care...

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