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Cult of the Watchers
*Known as the "Angel's Church" in Japanese.

[Rapidly expanding its influence, a religious organization shrouded entirely in mystery]

A religious organization shrouded in mystery. The purpose and meaning behind its founding are unknown, but it is rumored that they wish to release the seals - thereby causing the Seeds of Resurrection to appear. No-one is quite certain when they began their activities; however, there are those who say that signs were visible in the time of the previous goddess, Asherah, when rural uprisings and revolts among nobility were frequent occurrences. Currently, insurgents under the ideology of the Cult of the Watchers have formed into a force called the Imperial Army (all members being devotees of the Cult of the Watchers), and have been expanding their power across the land.

The Cult makes their headquarters in the decaying ruins of an old palace. It was no more than a small, nameless organization at first; but since a certain young girl became their high priestess and began spreading their influence with a fanatical zeal, it has become not just a simple religious group, but one in possession of power strong enough to call itself an Imperial Army. The cult's creed, however, is an extremely brief thing consisting of merely 6 lines. Discovered in a certain place, these words were written in blood on the corpses of Imperial soldiers.

天使を語ってはならない。      Speak not the Watchers.   
天使を描いてはならない。      Draw not the Watchers.    
天使を書いてはならない。      Write not the Watchers.    
天使を彫ってはならない。      Sculpt not the Watchers.   
天使を歌ってはならない。      Sing not the Watchers.    
天使の名を呼んではならない。   Call not the Watchers' name.

A creed prohibiting the Watchers of the Cult of Watchers. It is mysterious, eerie, perhaps even grotesque. However, that creed has been followed to absolute perfection - if one were to ask what "the Watchers" could be, there are none in existence who can answer that question...it remains a total mystery.

In light of this, there are those who are of the opinion that the Cult of the Watchers is no mere religious organization, but something more akin to a sort of infectious disease. This is largely due to the fact that the Imperial Army's soldiers and monsters, without exception, have red eyes - as well as strikingly limited speech faculties and deteriorated voices. Adding to this, it is said that the infected gain a fearsome physical strength far beyond that of normal people. This is all no more than conjecture at this point, however; in the case that all this is true, there are many areas - such as the incubation period and source of infection - which are as yet unexplained.

Thus, the Cult of the Watchers continues to be full of mysteries. However, one can sense that behind them is an unknown existence far beyond humanity. That being's true form will likely be revealed when the current great war has ended.
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On the Imperial Army flag are drawn a pair of 3-eyed twins, and wings. This design is likely related to the creed of the Cult of the Watchers - that it is forbidden to depict the Watchers. In addition, the fabric of the flag has been dyed an ominous shade of crimson after being soaked in the blood of a sacrificial virgin for 14 days.
Those of the Imperial Army, regardless of whether they are man or monster, all without exception have red eyes. It is said that appearance gives them astounding physical strength.

Mana, the mastermind and high priestess of the Cult of the Watchers. At first glance she is still an innocent young girl; however, in those red-dyed eyes flicker the flames of madness. Her unrequited love for her mother has driven the girl to insanity....


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