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Traveler: Those're some interesting outfits you've got on~ Is that the fashion nowadays? The guy I met earlier was dressed similarly, too. Come to think of it, he was a pretty strange guy - had an eye on his forehead...

Precis: ! Ernest! Lemme ask - where'd you meet this three-eyed man you mentioned?

Traveler: Huh? He said he was heading for the ruins in the Rupert Jungle a ways past here... Sorry, I don't know any more than that... He said he was exploring all sorts of ruins, so maybe you'll run into him while investigating ruins?

Precis: Thanks, mister~

Traveler: No need t'thank me. Hope you meet him! Now I've gotta get going, so seeya kids some other time.

[he goes back to town]

Precis: Ernest's alive~ That's a relief~ Awright, for the sake of finding Ernest, let's go investigate those ruins in the Rupert Jungle!!

Soldier: You need a permit to enter here.

Precis: A permit?

Soldier: That's right. Permits for ruin exploration are issued at Abba City. It's not just for the Laruf Ruins here, but the Kurain Ruins as well. Do you guys know where Abba City is? [...] ...Cross the bridge to the south, then head east and you'll find it. Watch out for monsters on the way.

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