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1.After finishing Gon&Killua's adventure
2.Go on an arm wrestling spree
3.Send a letter with the keyword 「シルバ」 (Silva)
4.Send a letter with the keyword 「ともだち」 (friend)
5.Send a letter with the keywords 「さびしい」「あそぶ」 (lonely, play)
6.Send a letter with the keywords 「かっこいい」「キルア」「すき」 (cool, Killua, like)
7. On your birthday
8.Keywords キミがすき (I like you)
9.Keywords キミはだれがすき? (Who do you like?)
10.Keywords キミのこうぶつはなに? (What's your favorite food?)
11.Keywords キミのゆめはなに? (What's your dream?)
12.Keywords さいきん、おもしろいことあった? (Have you done anything fun lately?)
13.Keywords キルアは、いまなにしてる? (What are you doing right now, Killua?)
14.Keywords キミのたからものはなに? (What's your most precious thing?)
15.Keywords キミのとくいわざはなに? (What's your signature move?)

1.よお、げんきだったか?とつぜんだけど、オレのふるいスケボーあげるよ。もうあたらしいのもってるし、おまえもやってみたらきっとたのしいぜ! キルア
Yo, what's up? Anyway, I've got a new skateboard so I'm giving you my old one. Try it out, you'll definitely have fun! Killua

3.オレのおやじは、なにかんがえてるのかわかんねーんだよな。とんでもないころしやなのはまちがいないけど、うーん、ひとことでいうのはむずかしいんだよな。 キルア
I don't understand my old man at all. He's a professional assassin who never makes mistakes but, well, it's hard to describe him in just a few words. Killua

When I met Gon at the Hunter exam, at first I just thought "I can't lose to this guy," but now he's my most important friend. I wouldn't mind sticking by him the rest of my life.

5.よう、かぜなんかひいてねえか?さいきんオンナといっしょにいるっていうコトをきいたぜ。まあおまえのイキかただからナンにもいわねえケドな。さびしくなったらいえよ。 キルア
Yo, so you caught a cold or something? I heard it from a girl I was with earlier. Well, it's not like I've got anything to say about how you live your life. Just don't whine about being lonely. Killua

6.そんなこときゅうにいわれたらはずいだろ。まったく。でも、ありがとうな。オレもおまえのことがすきだぜ。いつかゴンとさんにんでたびにでれたらいいな! キルア
Saying something like that all of a sudden is kinda embarrassing, you know? Seriously. Thanks, though. I like you too. It'd be great if the three of us could all go traveling together sometime! Killua

8. そんなこときゅうにいわれたらはずいだろ。まったく。でも、ありがとうな。オレもおまえのことがすきだぜ。いつかゴンとさんにんでたびにでれたらいいな! キルア
Aren't you embarrassed, saying something like that all of a sudden? Jeez. Thanks, though. I like you too. It'd be great if the three of us could all go traveling together sometime! Killua.

9.ちっ、てがみくれたとおもえばへんなこときくなよな。オレは、ゴンのことがいちばんすきだぜ。あいつといると、あんしんできるんだ。もちろんおまえのこともスキだぞ。 キルア
Tch, just when I think I've got a nice letter it turns out you wrote something weird. For who I like, Gon's gotta be number one on the list. I can relax when I'm with him. Of course, I also like you too. Killua

Good job writing me that letter! Let's see, for the latest snack, have you heard of chocolegs? They look like chicken thighs, but they're actually chocolate. Kinda dumb, but they taste great!

Hey, how're you doing? My dream, huh. I'd been thinking of all sorts of gloomy things before, but now, I wanna travel with Gon a little longer. You should come too sometime!

It's been a while, how are you? Right now, I'm traveling with Gon to look for someone we heard knows his dad. By the way, Gon said he wants to see you!

What's most precious to me, huh. I'm not really particular about anything, so I don't have anything I think is important, but--that's right, my friends are what's most important. Like Gon, and you! Killua

15.オレのひっさつわざは、まだナイショってことにしておくよ。なんせまだおうようわざをなんにするかきめてねーしな。でもゴンよりは、ぜったいさきにかんせいさせるぜ! キルア
I'm gonna keep my signature move a secret for now. Anyhow, I haven't decided how I'm gonna use it yet. But it's definitely way more awesome than Gon's! Killua


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