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1.After finishing Kurapika's adventure
2.On giving caught monsters to the wildlife preserve
3.Build Hunter 100%
4.On selling monsters to the suspicious man
5.Send a letter with the keyword 「クルタぞく」 (Kuruta clan)
6.Send a letter with the keyword 「かみがた」 (hairstyle)
7.Send a letter with the keyword 「なに」「あった」 (what, was[?])
8.On your birthday
9.Keywords キミがすき (I like you)
10.Keywords キミはだれがすき? (Who do you like?)
11.Keywords キミのこうぶつはなに? (What's your favorite food?)
12.Keywords キミのゆめはなに? (What's your dream?)
13.Keywords さいきん、おもしろいことあった? (Have you done anything fun lately?)
14.Keywords クラピカは、いまなにしてる? (What are you doing right now, Kurapika?)
15.Keywords キミのたからものはなに? (What's your most precious thing?)
16.Keywords キミのとくいわざはなに? (What's your signature move?)
17. Black Market 100%
18. Wildlife preserve 100%

1. とつぜんだがゆみやをおくる。げんじゅうはんたーには、ひつようなアイテムだがひとくみあまってしまったのだ。げんじゅうをみつけたらつかうとつかまえることができるぞ。
This might be sudden, but I'm giving you a bow and arrow. It is an important item to monster hunters, though it's only one of many. If you come across a monster you can catch it with this.

2. わたしのおくったゆみやをゆうこうにつかっているようでうれしい。ぜつめつしそうなげんじゅうは、まだまだたくさんいるとおもうから、うまくやくだててほしいとおもっている。 クラピカ
I'm glad you're effectively using the bow and arrows I sent you. I believe there are still many endangered species out there, so I hope that you continue putting your skills to good use. Kurapika

3. ひとにいえをたててあげるなんて、○○は、すごいな。わたしにもそんなほこりたかいしごとができるといいのだが。○○をみならうようにするよ。 クラピカ
You're amazing, MC, going out of your way especially to give homes to people. I'd like to be able to do such proud work, myself. I'll try to follow your example. Kurapika

4. さいきんブラックマーケットできちょうなげんじゅうがふえているときいたが、キミのせいじゃないだろうな?わたしがゆみやをおくったことをこうかいさせないでほしい。 クラピカ
I've heard that the number of rare monsters on the black market has increased recently, but that's not your fault is it? I hope I won't have to regret giving you that bow and arrows. Kurapika

5. わたしのぶぞくについてかたることは、なにもない。すでにほろびてしまっているからな。しかし、そのふくしゅうは、かたときもわすれてはいない。クモはかならずねだやしにする。
There is nothing to say about my old clan. They're already long gone. However, I haven't forgotten my revenge, not even for a moment. The spider will be eradicated without fail.

6.ひさしぶりだな。げんきでいるか?わたしは、げんきなのだが、さいきんまたかみのけがのびてきている。きるべきだろうか?まあこれからも、おたがいにがんばっていこう。 クラピカ
It's been a long time since my last letter. How are you doing? I'm doing alright myself, but my hair has been growing out again lately. Would it be better to cut it? Anyway, let's both do our best in the future. Kurapika

8. たんじょうびおめでとう。わたしのしごとのつごうでおいわいにいくことができない。すまないな。そのうちゴンたちといっしょにあそびにいく。それではげんきで。 クラピカ
Happy birthday. Due to the circumstances of my work, I can't come to celebrate. Sorry. Someday let's all go on a trip together. Well then, I hope you're doing alright. Kurapika

Right now my head is full of thoughts on work, so I can't really think about anything else, but I'm glad you feel that way. Thank you. I'll always be willing to travel with you.

10.へんじがおくれてすまない。すきなひとか?あまりかんがえたことは、ないな。ゴンも、キルアも、レオリオも、○○も、わたしにとってかけがえのないなかまだ。 クラピカ
Sorry for the late response. So you're asking who I like? It's not something I've really thought about. You, Gon, Killua, and Leorio are all irreplaceable companions to me. Kurapika

11.てがみをありがとう。ハンターたるもの、たべもののすききらいをいっていては、しごとにさしつかえるからな。ひつようならなんでもたべるし、きらいなものもないな。 クラピカ
Thank you for the letter. For hunters, having something like food preferences can impede your work. As I'll eat anything if necessary, there isn't anything I dislike. Kurapika

I thought about dreams after reading your letter, MC. I don't remember ever having any, after I was alone. Though I won't mind if you appear in my dreams one day.

14. へんじがおくれてすまない。いま、わたしは、ボスのしじでパドキアにきている。これいじょうは、てがみでもかくわけには、いかない。すまないな。 クラピカ
Sorry for the late response. I'm currently on my way to Padokea, under Boss's instruction. I won't be able to send any more letters after this point. Sorry. Kurapika

What's most precious to me would be my irreplaceable friends. Gon, Killua, Leorio, and you...Even if I were to lose everything else, I would never want to lose my friends.

I believe there's a heavy risk involved in telling you my abilities. I'll tell you next time we meet, so I hope you make sure not to speak of it to anyone. Kurapika


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