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1.After finishing Leorio's adventure
2.When you're in debt
3.Give a CD
4.Send a letter with the keywords 「こまった」「あいたい」「レオリオ」 (worried, want to meet, Leorio)
5.Send a letter with the keyword 「なに」「あった」 (what, was[?])
6.On your birthday
7.Keywords キミがすき (I like you)
8. Keywords キミはだれがすき? (Who do you like?)
9.Keywords キミのこうぶつはなに? (What's your favorite food?)
10.Keywords キミのゆめはなに? (What's your dream?)
11.Keywords さいきん、おもしろいことあった? (Have you done anything fun lately?)
12.Keywords レオリオは、いまなにしてる? (What are you doing right now, Leorio?)
13.Keywords キミのたからものはなに? (What's your most precious thing?)
14.Keywords キミのとくいわざはなに? (What's your signature move?)

Yo, how're you doing? I recently got myself a new suit, so I'm lookin' a lot more handsome! I saw you were interested in the old one, so I'm giving it to you. I'll come by and see you sometime!

2.ウワサできいたんだけど、おかねでくろうしてるって?だいじょうぶなのか?あんまりたいへんなようなら、すこしはかしてやるから、いつでもいうんだぜ! レオリオ
Rumor has it you're having some money trouble. Are you alright? If it doesn't seem like too much, you can always call me to borrow a little cash! Leorio

Happy birthday! How do you feel about getting closer to adulthood? Sorry I couldn't say this in person, I've been busy studying to be a doctor! I'll definitely be there next time.

7.よう、げんきそうだな。オレ、あんまりそういうこといわれるのになれてないからどういっていいかわかんねーが、うれしいぜ、ほんとに。ありがとうな! レオリオ
Yo, you seem well lately. I don't really know what to say, I'm not used to gettin' told something like that, but I'm happy, I really am. Thanks! Leorio

8. いきなりそんなこといわれてかんがえていたらべんきょうがてにつかなくなったじゃねーか。そうだなあ、ゴンもキルアもクラピカもおまえも、オレにとってだいじななかまだぜ
I can't concentrate on studying with a surprise question like that! But anyway, you, Gon, Killua, and Kurapika are all important friends to me.

I might not look it, but I'm kind of a gourmet, you know! A special product from Hanzo's country recently caught my attention: Natto! It's really good for you, you should try it too!

Thanks for the letter! My dream is to become a doctor who heals the poor. If you ever get sick, I'll help you out too!

Yo, it's been a while. Right now I'm back home, studying to become a doctor! Sometimes I wish I could go where you are for a break.

What's most precious to me is you and Gon and everyone. In other words, friends. I could drop anything else if I really had to, but I could never let go of my friends!

I'm putting nen training aside until I finish my exams. I'll think about my signature move then! Leorio


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