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性別: 女性
年齢: 19歳
血液型: B型
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Blood Type: B

* 女神としての重責
◉ A heavy burden as a goddess
After the sudden death of Furiae and Caim's father, Gaap, the two were forced to leave the country. However, shortly afterwards the "mark" of the Goddess appeared on Furiae. Furiae was 14 at the time. She accepted her becoming a goddess, parting from Caim into a life of imprisonment. Having seen her parents killed before her eyes, going on to be separated from both her brother and her fiancee---a fate much too cruel, for a single young girl to have all of her hopes snatched away.

* 兄カイムヘの秘めた想い
6歳年上の兄カイムヘとは、小さい頃から仲が良かった。カイムは年の離れた妹を可愛いがり、フリアエは優しい兄によくなついた。しかし、やがてフリアエは, イウヴァルトと恋に落ちる。兄 もそれを喜んでくれたが、フリアエの心の奧底には、兄への強いが想いがあった。父の死後, 国を離れることになったとき、イウヴァルトでなくカイムを選んだのは、兄と離れたくないという思いゆえだったのかもしれない。
◉ Hidden feelings for her brother Caim
With a 6 year age difference between her and her brother Caim, they have held a good relationship since childhood. Caim felt that his younger sister was adorable; Furiae grew to be emotionally attached to her kind and caring brother. However, it soon came to pass that Furiae fell in love with Inuart. Her brother was happy for her, but deep within Furiae's heart, she still held strong feelings towards him. Perhaps it was because after her father's death, when they had to leave their country, she did not want Caim to leave her if she chose him over Inuart.

* かつての婚約者イウヴァルト
◉ Ex-fiancee Inuart
Since childhood, Furiae's family and that of the Ibris House have held close connections; therefore she and Inuart, the son of that family, had many chances to meet. Furiae loved Inuart's harp playing, and would often badger him into performing, a fact which took its toll on Inuart. Before long the two were mutually attracted to each other, and became engaged. But after the tragedy, and the appearance of the "mark" on Furiae's person, a deep and eternally impassible rift was quickly formed between them.
Having severed relations with earthly life, the goddess lives in suffering

The goddess's daily life is filled with tedium.
Mornings, she wakes up in the ever-gloomy house, and together with Verdelet lifts up prayers to God. As day breaks, she finishes a frugal meal, after which there is nothing particular for her to do. When she'd just become the goddess, scriptures and theology books and the like were placed in her room, and she'd looked through them out of idle curiosity. However, as the contents of each and every one of them was nothing but stiff and formal text, she quickly lost interest. The furnishings were extremely modest, the stiffness of the bed surprising her more than anything. The room was equipped with all the necessities of daily life, but there was not one object that could possibly be considered good for amusement. As a princess who had been raised in an environment devoid of discomfort, life as the goddess was akin to torture. But the fact of the matter is that I chose this life myself-- So Furiae bit back her complaints.
She didn't want to remember it ever again--and yet, even now when she closed her eyes the scene of that tragic day would rise unbidden to her mind, the scene that had changed everything. Her kind and cheerful brother had become someone who brooded most of the day, and rarely ever smiled. She sometimes heard screams coming from his room in the dead of night. The next day, if asked about it, Caim would answer only with--I had a bad dream. Furiae could not give her aid to such a brother.
Inuart, Furiae's fiancee, worried over them as well, and came to visit countless times. However, even the sound of his harp-playing could no longer move her heart to the degree that it once had. Before she knew it, she too had begun to close the doors of her heart, just like her brother Caim.
惨劇から1年が経ち、フリアエたちは国を離れることになった。イウヴァルトには、自分と一緒に行こうと誘われたが、カイムの様子を間近で見てきたフリアエは兄のことが心配で, とても1人にするわけにはいかなかった。しかしそれは、自らに対する言い訳だったのかもしれない。自分自身でもはっきりと意識していなかったが、彼女の本心はこう叫んでいたのだ。”兄さんと離れたくない!”
A year after the tragedy, the siblings were separated from their country. Inuart had invited her to go with him, but Furiae was worried, having seeing Caim's condition up-close, and could not afford to leave him alone. However, that may have been an excuse of her own making. Her true feelings spoke thus, though she was not entirely aware of it herself. "I don't want to be separated from Brother!"
However, immediately upon starting their journey away from the country, something unusual arose within Furiae's body. Pain wracked the girl's body, and the "mark" of the goddess appeared--. Becoming the goddess meant isolation from the world. If this were to happen, she would never be able to meet her brother or Inuart again. For Furiae, this was a fate too cruel to bear. "Why must I be the only one caught in such a--"
”オシルシ”が出てから数日後、フリアエは女神となることを決意した。そのことを兄に告げる口調は普段と変わりなく、口元には微笑さえ浮かんでいた。しかし, その目は恐ろしいほどに空虚だった。それも当然だろう。彼女はわずか14歳にして、すべてを諦めなくてはならなかったのだ――。
Several days after the "mark" had appeared, Furiae decided to become the goddess. She told her brother this in her usual peaceful tone, with her mouth even shaped into a smile. However, those eyes were terrifyingly empty. That was only natural. At the age of only 14, the girl was forced to give up everything--


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