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*Translator's note: In Japanese it's not the Cult of the Watchers, it's the Angel's Church, and its members worship God.*

性別: 女性
年齢: 6歳 (セエレの双子の妹)
Sex: Female
Age: 6 (Seere's younger twin sister)

The girl who went mad seeking her mother's love

It was a bizarre spectacle.

Standing before a hall filled to overflowing with hundreds of believers, the high priestess who preached doctrine with a majestic tone of voice was---a little girl barely on the cusp of maturity.

"Now is the time to know the love of the Watchers!"

彼女―――マナが力強く宣言して講話を締めくくると、信者たちからは割れんばかりの拍手が巻き起こった。 少女は、満足そうに微笑んだ。
As the girl---Manah closed her discourse with this powerful proclamation, a round of applause broke out from every last one of the believers. She smiled contentedly.

マナが、母親に捨てられた谷からこの場所―――天使の教会に連れられてきてから、彼女の生活は一変した。 虐待され、毎日の食事すら満足に与えてもらえなかった家と違って、ここでは好きなものを好きなときに食べられる。 きれいなドレスも、おもちゃもたくさんある。それもこれも、みんなあの方―――神様のおかげだ。
When Manah was taken to this place---the Cult of the Watchers from the valley where her mother had abandoned her, her life changed completely. Unlike her home, where she had been abused and went daily without promise of a satisfying meal, here she could eat whatever she wanted whenever she liked. She had plenty of pretty dresses and toys. Everything, all thanks to them---the Watchers.

おとなたちが言うことは、たまによくわからないこともある。 それでも、マナは平気だった。 だってわたしは、神様に愛されているんだもの。
There were times when she didn't understand what the adults were saying. But Manah didn't mind. Because, I am a creature loved by the Watchers.
* 虐待を受けた母への想い
マナは、母親から愛されることなく育った。 母親は、兄セエレに対しては過剰なほどの愛を注ぐ一方で、妹に対しては別人のように冷たく、事あるごとに虐待した。 そしてあるとき、彼女をある谷へ置き去りにしてしまう。 マナは、母親に捨てられたのだ―――。 しかしマナは、母親のことを憎んではいなかった。 彼女はただ、母の愛が欲したった。 そしてその思いが、マナの運命を大きく変えていく―――。
◉ Feelings towards the mother who abused her
Manah was raised without a mother's love. Her mother had poured an excessive amount of love towards the elder brother Seere, but towards the younger sister she was so cold as to be another person entirely. Then one day, she abandoned the girl in a valley. Manah was thrown away by her own mother---but Manah felt no hatred towards her. She still wished for her mother's love. And those feelings would change her life on a grand scale---

* 双子の兄セエレに対する憎しみ
母の愛を渇望しつつ結局叶わなかったマナにとって、母の愛を独り占めしている兄セエレは、強い憎しみの対象だった。 セエレさえいなければ―――彼女がそう思ったことも一度や二度ではないだろう。 しかし、捨てられたのはマナのほうだった。 母親は、マナの中に禍々しい何かの存在を感じていたのかもしれない。 因果は巡り、やがて兄は ”ちいさい勇者さま” となってマナの暴走に終止符を打つ―――。
◉ Hatred towards her twin brother Seere
Manah, whose craving for a mother's love was never fulfilled, had a fierce hatred for her brother Seere, who monopolized that love. If only Seere didn't exist---she must have thought that way once or twice. However, Manah had been abandoned for her own good. Her mother must have felt something sinister within her daughter. The wheel of fate turned, and in the end Manah's brother became "The Little Hero" to put an end to her rampage---


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